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Dormant account
Dear Bryan Bailey:

I would like to be a part of your new "members only" Forum. I do not see a specific E-Mail address to send our request.
Could you post it or accept my request via the forum?
Thanks again


Speaking about luck, rip-offs etc.

I purchased $20 at Omni casino, and gradually built it to $125 waiting for PIN from cryptologic. I played roulette always betting $8-10 by $1 on two numbers during probably a week or ten days. Now a day before PIN is to arrive I started to play in the same manner i.e. covering 16-20 numbers. I lost everything after about 15 spins never hitting a number. I dont blame the casino. I think it was my poor luck.

On the same day I received $20 in Cyber casino. I bought these chips before for $7 at the auction at They sell discounted casino accounts there. So, I started to play roulette. I bet first $10 spread over 20 numbers - won $18, bet $8 - won $10, bet $2 on color- lost. Then I bet all the money and won $45, bet all $45, won $90, bet all $90 by placing one $10 on two numbers - won $180. Quit and cashed out. It was yesterday. I am waiting for their check.

The Good Luck Club casino gave me free $25 to test their games. I tested them by playing roulette. After some time I lost everything but $6 which all I put on #11. The roulette ball stopped right on #11. I cashed out and already got the money.

Or just few days ago I got email from playstar casino asking me to test their game. They even gave me free $10. I tested by playing roulette. I hit every spin and cashed out $42 couple of minutes later. The money, they say, is on its way to me by mail.

I also bought a $50 account for $17 at geisha launch casino at this auction. I paid $17 to the auctioneer but the casino did give $50. I played roulette and after some time of wagering over $60 in total, my account became $48. I cashed $48 out to discover a day later that the money was returned to my account. So, I did a little of playing, going up and down. At the end my account still stood at $48. I cashed out and sent email to the casino asking why the money was returned. They said that I must wager all $50, but I yet have bet only $2. In reality I have wagered about $80 by this time. I understood that there was no use arguing with them. They were either crooks or stupid. So, I played roulette again this time recording every bet. I wagered all $48 and make $72 out of this money. Afterwards, I withdrew and finally got their permission. It was about a week ago and I am waiting for my check now.

I do not believe nor use any roulette system except one: if you win $40 over a purchase of $100 you must quit and cash out; if you keeps loosing then quit the game and come back to it after some time.

My system does not work every time lol.


Dormant account
Hey everybody,

Have read every single post available on site and hope you possible can help me. I think I am goi ng to be ripped off my CASINO-ON-NET...

Here is the plot:

4 weeks ago I found this casino and decided to give it a go. In a weekend I was USD 1450,- up and I wisely decided to call it a day (sorry, but I am danish and my english is NOT perfect)
However I made a big mistake:

When I was filing the info to getting registred I used my short name. My address was also somewhat shortened down to a minimum (was not trying to cheat, but thought this was somewhat irrelavant..Me very stupid!!)
Now I went to the cashier and requested a deposit, however the system (global intersafe) could not handle that the cardholder name and my shortened name was I entered my shortened name and bingo!
The big payday was getting closer!
But the support could not pay me because the info I had submitted was not in accordance with what the my visa card was showing. it ended up with they requested all sort of info (passport, copy of visa card, and visacard statement)
This was all submitted and they kind of agreed that this was me and I (stupid me) thought they would pay me...I did not.

They requested a visa card statement (which is most likely different from Denmark(DK) to US) They would not accept my bank statements as my card number and valid date was not present. This info is NEVER printet on any statement in Dk so....(bare in mind I was/am desperat)

I copied it in...

And submitted the statement. Now I am awaiting their response.

Please advise what I should do as I think the money is lost and is afraid they would contact my bank and fax my "fake" visa statement.
Any comments will be appreciated


Dormant account
Dave, if you won you won. You should email the casino manager and tell him or her what is up. Tell them the truth! If they refuse to pay you then, You will have a valid complaint.

A copy of your ID and credit card should be more then enough to satisfy their security.

The money is not lost. After all you did win it fair and square. Fight like a dog for it!!!


Hey all,
just wanted to inform you that casino-on-net will wire money on monday. What is wire! can a bank decline money to my bankaccount if information is not correct (account number is!)

Best regards,



Dormant account
Dave, sometimes if your bank see's that there is a different name on the wire, they will decline it. Sometimes nobody is paying attention, and you will have no problem. It really depends on what information is not correct. You might be better off having them send you a check. That way you could endorse it anyway that you wanted to a put it in your bank.. Let us know what happens


Referral Bonus HELP PLEASE offers a 10% bonus on your referral's initial deposit. So far, so good, right?

My friend buys in $1000. He gets his 10% bonus, so he has $1100 in his account. He plays, putting $2760 into action, and loses $240. He has $860 in chips left of the $1100.

I send SEVERAL requests to them for my referral bonus, and keep getting responses about how I have to wait 36 hours... etc. etc. and several days go by.

My friend cashes out his $860. MISTAKE! Now they are refusing to give me my bonus, claiming that he hasn't gambled enough, which of course is BS.

Here's what their cryptic message said:

"That is Ok...You referral already played in the casino..and when you referred him .. the amount he deposited was withdrawal before he exceeds his
total betting.. He must have played over his last deposit. but he did not.. in this case we can not give referral bonus.
We are sorry but this is our policy.."

What do I do next? I have tried to be polite in all of my e-mails, and I know that I did everything correctly, as I've gotten referral bonuses before.


It looks to me that your friend played at the casino before you referred him. In other words before he made his last $1000 deposit he was already a player there...from what I gather referrals are only good when the player has never had an account there before your referral..

Lost in space

No, the problem is that you have to read the rules of the referal program. He may have had to wager more before you are eligable. However I think that you should have gotton the fee on the $240 he lost or in this case $24.00.



Dormant account
I keep emailing the casino at and cant get any reply. I promised me abonus on my intitial purchase which I have already made and lost. My emails were sent to and to They just ignore me.
The bonus offer was in their promotional email and on their site.
After my first 10 bonus requests, my next ten were as follows:

"It might be interesting for you to know that:

You are using emails with fake return address.
You keep ignoring your clients' emails.
You are unable to pay as little as $20"
You cannot keep your promises."

What else can I do to get the bonus? They seem to be kind of affiliated with English Harbour casino.


I looked at Silver Dollar and did not see a bonus offer. How long ago did they have the bonus offer on their site?
You are correct they are affiliated with English Harbour & Caribbean Gold (both of which are offering bonuses) but I have not seen any Silver Dollar bonus promotions.


Dormant account
How I already got their bonus and lost it gambling.
They emailed me the bonus offer after I entered my address before downloading.
It took them 4 days to pay the bonus instead of 24 hours.
They kept ignoring me for 4 day.
The address below is fake.
Thank you, everybody, for your involvement. Mayby they paid because of it.
Here is an extract from their email with fake return address.

-- <,<, New Real Players

After Registering, Claim Your Welcome Bonus Chip
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

What better to way to start out as a new Silver Dollar Casino player than to get a cool $20 BONUS. When you log into your real player account for the first time you can. Claim the bonus by quoting the above offer and sending an email message to our friendly Support staff at:

...they will see to it that your account is credited within 24 hours.

NOTE: This bonus is for gambling purposes, cannot
be cashed in and is a one-time limited offer. Act Now!


Dormant account
About discounted casino accounts at

The auction appears to work properly. Me and my wife, we have bought there several discounted accounts and got them from casinos as promised. We have been even lucky when gambling there. Now we are waiting for checks.
we paid $17 for $50 at Gescha Lounch Casino - won at roulette and cashed out$72.
paid $7 for $20 at Cyber casino - won at roulette and cashed out $180.
paid $17 for $50 at casino of the Kings - won at slots and cashed out $80.


I made the mistake of leaving my computer and vegas usa active last night when I left my comuter. I user it through AOL and others wanted to use AOL, including my child and her friends-under 18. Well through the course of the night, actually about 30 minutes, they used 3 cards and charged $2100. In 30 minutes! Not just under my name, but my wife's as well. Obviously this was not the happiest day in my hosuehold. I first became aware of this when one of my credit cards called this morning from the risk management department to make sure I authorized these charges. I Have e-mailed the casino and am waiting for them to get back to me. I have further had the other charges cancelled. Should this pose any problem with the casino. I was told the casino can not collect since I did not have knowledge this is being done, and the kids were under 18. Any advice about how casinos deal with this. I also checked with the IGC's website and they confirmed that the casino's don't seem able to collect. Anyone have any experience with this? I would appreciate any appropriate feedback



LAst night, apparently some of the kids in my hosue made around $2100 in credit card charges in 30 minutes. All were under age, without my permission. I found out when one of the credit card companies called this morning concerned about the charges. I have e-mailed the casino and am awaiting a response. Has this happenned to anyone. Should I have any problem. The credit card companies position was that if it was without my knowledge, they can't collect. I would appreciate any feedbak



Dormant account
Adam, when you do that you run the risk of the casino putting your name on the black list. Did your kids at least play in your casino?

When you dispute a charge to a casino, they will never ever let you play there again or with any other casino that uses the same e cash company.

2100 in 30 minutes, are you raising high rollers


I am not as worried with the state of me being "blacklisted" as I am the charges. Will the casino cooperate? Do they have any recourse since they were underage. I mean shouldn't someone notice something wrong with $2100 in 30 minutes! on cards with two different names. Nice security
Further response is welcome



Dormant account
You have the right to refuse payment to any charge that you did not make. They have to cooperate. Your bank will not pay them if you tell them not to. I am sure you have already done that. You will be ok. Just make sure your bank knows not to pay any of those charges, and they will not pay them. I had a kid buy porno on my credit card. The site threatened me with fraud, lawsuits, all for about 25.00. I told them to pack sand and never heard from them again.
Of course the kid has long since been buried in a deep hole.