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Dormant account
I tried the New Casino Rags to Riches Casino

Bought in for$100.00 played 10.00 per hand on video poker Cashed out $525.00 in about a half hour. You should try this one

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Wow! The quickest payment on the net. I won $50 in the Yellow Cab Casino. They sent to me a notification that the cash-in had been just proccessed for direct wire deposit and on the next day (!!!) my account was credited with $50. ))))))))))
However, before that I spent two weeks and many emails urging them to pay(((((((((.
So, this casino is excluded from the "my favorites" list.
Still, one day for a wire is great.
The casino at is reported to be in a bad financial situation. Winners are not paid for months. I have not been paid my winnings for almost two months.
I also withdrew $90 back to my card on April 1 from a Royal Magic casino's financial company MonaCard in Monaco.
No money has arrived yet. My three emails have been ignored.

Adam Daniel


I was very glad to find this forum and have learned a great deal from everones input. I have a question. I am in the process of setting up an online casino based offshore. I have 13 years in the casino industry as a casino manager so I know a fair bit about the offline industry.

What promotions and customer service aims would you guys like to see in the sites you frequent ? I would love your input no matter how brief or in depth. I apologise if this posting is off-topic for this forum.


Adam Daniel


Adam: What off-line casinos have you worked with? Do you think any real world promotions would work in a virtual casino? I like quick paybacks, good odds and fast cleean graphics.

Adam Daniel

I have worked in Uk casinos ( the worlds most comprehensive gaming act, player protection is second rate everywhere compared to the UK ). I have worked Eastern Europe, North Africa, USA and a number of cruise ships.

Yes I think most offline casino promotions can work on internet gaming if it is implementd correctly.


How about you as a player getting a referal bonus for recomending a freinf to our site?

What about cash back, for every $100 you wager we refund your acount say $5 or $10

How about a frequent player program ( like frequent flyer milage ) where the more you play the more points you earn towards, free vactions, flights, merchandise, or free gaming dollars to use on the site ( non-redeemable money to be used as wagwrs only )

How about free internet access, if you play X number of dollars per month we pick up your isp charges.

The customer is king, internet gaming is still in its infancy and I honestly belive that a company that uses the latest technology and treats its customers with integrity ( fast payoffs and no-hassle settling of disputes) xoupled with superb customer service will prosper.

That is the mission statement I hope to bring to my company but I really could use as much input as possible.

Feel free to respond to me via e-mail

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