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Disa Cummings

I have a "on-line" casino that I would like to get off the ground. Is there anyone you know who would like to invest? I have a broker that is taking care of all investments. I have a business plan and software and an ISP in a foreign country (not US). If you know of anyone who is interested please contact me at

Andrew Hooker

Just to update my post from 31 Dec 98. I finally received a cheque from CasinoFantasy the other day after I had to remind them by email that I was waiting for it. They sent me a cheque to cover my winnings and the bank charges from their cheques that bounced. I have banked this cheque and will post the results as soon as I see what happens.
Wish me luck.


Most problems with online casinos seem to refer to not being paid out the winnings. Has anyone made experiences with trying to cancel the charges on the credit card in such case? One pays for a service, which is not delivered. Can one cancel the charges due to failure to deliver? Or does one have to claim the charges where never authorized by you? Has anyone gone through this with their bank? What happened?

Don Helms

I recently played at the Aloha Casino online, amd won $25.00. they said I was number 30 in the world and the play was free, no money from me was asked.
It took a couple of weeks, but I did receive a check. I was quite pleased

Andrew Hooker

Hello everyone. Just to follow up on my January post regarding my rubber cheques from Casino Fantasy. Well, as I said, the cheque arrived and I can report that it has not bounced thus far. The money has been put in my account and so far I have not received any notification of any problems, so I guess, I finally got my money. It took a while but the hounding of the casino was worth it.
Happy Gambling.

Glynn Hooper

I am trying to track down the software for a slot game called "Treasure of Maya". Has anyone seen this in use at any of the On Line casinos?



Has any tried ArcticHouse Roulette Analyzer?
Is it really good?


Chad Parker

A word to the wise about some online casinos. I am a professional gambler and have played craps professionally for the past 4 years and have logged hundreds of hours at craps tables in live casinos. I am successful because I can read trends and recognize patterns of rolls. I have also logged probably 150 to 200 hours playing online casinos. I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt that most of them are cheating!!! Some are more blatant than others. I have seen rolls occur almost every session in some online casinos that you would only see about once every couple of months if that while playing every day in a real casino. I believe that somehow your method of play is profiled and the computer produces rolls to counter your actions. For example, I make a lot of lay bets when conditions are right. Once while playing at Diamond Club Casino, it was time for a 7 to roll according to dice that were following a normal pattern. I layed against the 10. The 10 rolled. No big deal, it happens. I layed against the 10 again. The 10 rolled again. Well, that happens sometimes as well. Still nothing to be concerned about. I layed against the 10 again. The 10 immediately rolled again. Now I'm wondering, but I've seen it happen. I increased my bet and layed against the 10 again. It immediately rolled again. Now I'm angry, but also curious. I increased my bet and layed against the 10 again. You guessed it, the 10 rolled again. Five 10's in a row? Give me a break. Just for the heck of it and my curiosity, I layed against the 10 again. Would you believe, the 10 rolled for the sixth time in a row. In 4 years of playing in real casinos for 5 to 8 hours per day 5 to 6 days per week, I have NEVER seen anything like that happen. But, it happens as a matter of course at some of these casinos. I happened again in the very next session. Incidentally, I quit laying against the 10 after 6 consecutive losses. I couldn't afford to continue, but I would like to know just how many 10's would have rolled if I had continued.

The above example is not an isolated circumstance. Crazy things like that happen in almost every session. Things that you wouldn't see happen in a real casino but once in a great while (crazy things do happen no doubt). But when these unusual things happen with the online casinos, it just so happens that it is exactly the series of rolls that is required to counter the strategy you are using.

Another unusual thing is that I can usually win a little at first, but the longer I play, the crazier and more unpredictable the rolls become.

Another thing I noticed is that some casinos such as Inter casino, Sands of The Carribean, Euro Vegas, etc. (the ones that use that type software) can be easily beaten when playing roulette in the practice mode offline. I have a good roulette system that I have used professionally as well for several years and I know it works when playing in the real world. But, when I have played the same system online, I get my but kicked. The rolls simply aren't the same. Of course, when playing offline, my computer is generating the random numbers, but when playing online, their computer is generating the random numbers.

All of this is just my observation and belief. However, I personally am totally convinced based upon my personal experience.

Their does seem to be a few bright spots, however. Winward Casino, Bali Casino, GSC and others using that software seem to be generating something approaching honest rolls and spins although I am not completely convinced. But their craps programs do behave more like a real craps table than anything else I have found. Although, as I said, I do have my doubts even about them sometimes. But I will say unequivocally that Gold Palace and Diamond Club, Casino8Online and any casino using similar software is cheating you. You may have short term wins with them, but if you play for long periods of time, they will get you.

One counter measure you might try is to set internet options in Windows to refuse cookies. This may help give you a little more honest game.


I agreed fully to the part that I can win thousands of dollars when playing for fun but will than lose hundreds of dollars ( within minutes smtimes ) when playing for real.

As for the software truthfulness , I really have no idea . Anyway you might like to try First Live Casino at as they do not use computer generated software. They employed real coupier / dealer .

I have played and win 7 out of 10 games. But watch out for the delay in payment though. I received my cheque only after 2 weeks. Maybe it was because I live in Singapore. As for credit card chargebacks it takes about a week sometimes.

David Hess

Further to the Chad Parker's posting who maintained "unequivocally that Gold Palace and Diamond Club, Casino8Online and any casino using similar software is cheating you."

The software used by Diamond Club is also used by Gold Club.

The software used by Casno8Online is also used by Kenny Rogers, Casino Regal, Casino Internationale (Curacao), Sands of the Carribean.

The software used by Golden Palace is also used by Mapau, Casino Fortune, Bugsy, English Habour, and even Lucky Nugget which have some fairly good reviews (David, Adkins) in this forum.

More on English Habour. This casino has not been particularly well-received (Pekka, Gene). Pekka mentions that in 108 rounds of roulette, 14 zeros came out. In a recent experience at English Habour, when I got stung by a particular number in roulette, that number kept appearing almost every 5 times for the 100 rounds that I played. Incredible.

Casinos that are rigged may actually benefit the player, when the player bet heavily on the number that was initially lost on. Unfortunately, the next time I logged on to English Habour, the trend was not apparent. And I do not want to take the risk of incurring a big loss in the hope that the number (that I lost on) will keep repeating itself. And anyway, if a player starts to win a few times on a certain bet, the casino program will quickly re-adjust itself against the player's favor.

Sharon Hunt

Good afternoon. Has anyone played at US-Sports Casino? The URL is
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After being given $10.00 to try them, I went to the poker. On my 1st hand , had 4 9's. Dealer had 4 Queens. Possible, I thought. 2nd hand, full house.Dealer: full house (higher). Maybe? 3rd hand, 3 kings......yep, you guessed 3 aces. I'm glad the money was free. Maybe some of you would like to give them a try, and post your experiences, in case I was the exception.
PS: Then I tried Blackjack....lucky dealer?


Starnet Communications Misled Investors as Per the Lawsuit Filed ByBerger & Montague, P.C. Alleging Violations of the Federal Securities Laws

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Berger & Montague, P.C. (
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) announced that on October 26, 1999 it filed a class action lawsuit for violations of the federal securities laws in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware against Starnet Communications International, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SNMM) ("Starnet" or the "Company"). The lawsuit was commenced on behalf of purchasers of Starnet common stock between March 11, 1999, and August 20, 1999, inclusive (the "Class Period").

The complaint charges that Starnet and certain of its officers and directors violated Sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The complaint further alleges that the defendants issued materially false and misleading statements about the nature of the Company's business and failed to disclose potential liabilities throughout the Class Period in the Company's public filings and public statements.

Specifically, the complaint alleges that Starnet routinely violates Canadian gambling laws, and that the Company accepts wagers from North Americans, contrary to public representations made throughout the Class Period.

As a result of these misrepresentations and omissions, the price of Starnet's common stock was artificially inflated throughout the Class Period, enabling Defendants to sell thousands of shares and reap millions of dollars in illicit insider trading profits. On August 20, 1999, after a massive police raid, the truth was finally revealed and the stock price plummeted by approximately 60% of its market price.

If you purchased Starnet securities during the Class Period, you may wish to join the action. You may move the court to serve as a lead plaintiff on or before December 14, 1999.

The law firm of Berger & Montague, P.C. has over 50 attorneys, all of whom represent plaintiffs in complex litigation. The Berger firm has extensive experience in representing plaintiffs in class action securities litigation and has played lead roles in major cases over the past 25 years which have resulted in recoveries in excess of two billion dollars to investors. The firm is currently representing investors as lead counsel in actions against Waste Management, Inc., Sunbeam Corp., and numerous other companies.

If you wish to discuss this action or have any questions concerning this notice or your rights with respect to this matter, you may call or write to:

Sherrie R. Savett, Esq.

Arthur Stock, Esq.

Douglas Risen, Esq.

Susan Kutcher, Investor Relations Manager

Berger & Montague, P.C.

1622 Locust Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 888-891-2289 or 215-875-3000

Fax: 215-875-4604

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SOURCE Berger & Montague, P.C.

CO: Berger & Montague, P.C.; Starnet Communications International, Inc.

ST: Pennsylvania, Delaware



So Basher, are you a lawyer? Because they are the only ones who make money on these type of suits. The filing depresses the stock price so the shareholders investmant is worth less. If in fact they happen to win they usually get next to nothing, a few bucks, while the lawyers get millions.
Good to see your picking up new skills like cut and paste. How are things going at the hemorroid board? Still busy over there?


Basher got bashed. But Rex, the stock has already fallen to around 4.00, down from $22.00

STarnet did not tell the stockholders that there was a problem with all the porn and the laws.

So in that since Starnet was wrong. But your right the stockholders will get nothing, the stock will drop because of the suit.

And yes the lawyers are the ones who make out on this type of action.

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