April.28th ... oh my!! Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!


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Oct 11, 2008
It's almost that time of year again ... here comes the NFL Draft!!

Now i'm a diehard buffalo bills fan and from what i'm hearing alot of us are begging
for the bills to take cam newton from auburn. I think this would be such a mistake, he's going to be another russell from oakland who gets drafted gets paid big bucks but then can't do anything to help the team at all.

There's so many other people i'd love to see them take, von miller would be huge if he's still around at 3rd whcih is doubtful. I've also heard they are thinking about taking QB christian ponder from florida state if he's still around in the 2nd round.

The best player in the draft i'd say is Patrick Peterson from louisiana state i wouldn't be mad at all and it would throw quite a twist in the draft picks if they took him third, even though almost 0 cornerbacks are ever taken in the top 3.