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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Well, they had it coming.

TUSK - silence.
Grand Privvy - silence.
Eurolinx - silence.

Whilst CASINO players were "taken care of", POKER players were left high and dry. It happened AGAIN to poker players with Eurolinx, and I am not sure even casino players have been "taken care of" yet.

Grand Privvy was all about screwing affiliates, but these were, for the most part, AMERICAN affiliates, so again - expendable because the company is not thinking ahead to when the US might REGULATE, rather than seek to BAN, with ever stricter legislation.

Affiliates are probably taking all the flak from players for losses in the failed poker rooms and casinos, whilst MGS hide behind them in the shadows.

Microgaming are also guilty of allowing the MYTH of the "trust fund" to be perpetuated among players, lending them solid credibility, and player trust. When actually called upon though, when MG could NOT strike a deal with a competitor to take on the liabilities of a failed licencee (TUSK Poker), the myth was busted, and confirmed busted again when Eurolinx failed.

Well, now we know, funds with a MG casino are no more secure than with any other, there IS no "trust fund", nor "ringfencing" to preserve player balances when an operator goes bust. There is clearly no operator INSURANCE either, even though the seedier casinos will state "Legally licenced and insured" on their websites.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
For the sake of historical accuracy, I have to correct VWM here - company statements were issued by Microgaming on the Tusk and Eurolinx issues and carried by industry media.

These may not have contained good news or sufficient detail, but to be fair, the company was hardly "silent" or ignoring the issue.

For example, on Eurolinx there were two statements in August and September vis:

ISLE OF MAN - Microgaming announced today that it has terminated its software licence agreements with the Linx Media Group, with immediate effect. It has been advised that the group Companies are insolvent.

Microgaming is presently gathering all facts relating to this matter and will provide further announcements as and when information becomes available.

Microgaming recommends that any Eurolinx, BetOnBet and Linx Casino players affected by this situation submit their enquiries directly to the relevant liquidator as soon as contact details become available.

Update on Linx Media Group

ISLE OF MAN Microgaming terminated its software licence agreement with Linx Media Group on 21st August 2009, on the advice that the group companies are insolvent.

Microgaming was a provider of software and poker network services to Eurolinx and BetOnBet, and Casino software provider to Linx Casino. Microgaming did not provide any Sportsbook related software to any of these entities. In common with other service providers, Microgaming does not manage the business activities of operators such as the Linx Media Group or have any right to see their financial records. Microgaming does not, and is not permitted to, hold any player funds.

Microgaming has yet to receive any further information on the liquidation process and recommends that any Eurolinx, BetOnBet and Linx Casino players affected by this situation, whether Casino, Poker or Sportsbook should lodge any claims or enquiries directly with the relevant liquidator when they are appointed. Microgaming will be taking this course of action, at the appropriate time.

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Other than that, I think VWM makes valid cautionary points - although the "legally licenced and insured" was an (in)famous RTG line - not MGS.