anyone's birthday coming up?


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Jul 24, 2006
mine's in two weeks. and i happened to sign up at rtg's vip lounge casino. nice looking site, a decent signup bonus 200% up to $200. it's sticky I but only 15(b+d), except for bj/21 games at 35(b+d). also you get $1 in comps for $500 wagered, so clearing the bonus at bj you earn $21 in comps (at other games you only have to bet 4500 but the comps cannot be cashed until you have $10 worth, or 5000 in bets). slots/bingo earn twice the comps.

a weird rule, the manager must authorize cashing in of comps (i have to wait an hour and go back there to do this) and even stranger, the account must be zeroed for a player to cash in comps. but at the rate you get them it might just be worth it. lmao i sound like a shill. EDIT: w00t! MONDAYS earn double comps! RTG SLOT FANS, that's $8 in comps for $1000 wagers, i reckon that's a sweet deal, no? but i just found out i gotta wait til tomorrow to get them doubled, then request to add them to my cash balance. a bit of a runaround but for an extra free 21 bucks, worth a little live chat tag! i think emails will sort it too, and i hope so in case i leave for niagara before their manager on duty comes in in the morning. finally hitting a land casino, this is gonna be great. (embarassment) with my mom, but we are also going to see about a used car and she's not been to the falls like since i was born.

anyway, i cleared it in less than an hour at 20 and 40 dollar pontoon. only made $125, because i chose to back off when i saw i had 20 of 21 comp points rather than risk going under $300 and thus losing some money. but i have $42 in immediately cashable (yes they verified no playthrough) comps coming tomorrow too, so i guess it's +167.

**but here's the topic of the thread. vip lounge offers hefty birthday bonuses. first take a free $100 chip, 15x wr, 2x max cashout, but that's $200 folks. not bad for a birthday present. you must have deposited prior to your birthday to take the free chip though, so go do the signup now!

and as if that weren't enough, all day long get 100% match bonus with 15(b+d) or 25(b+d) for bj. i think there's a limit of $500 total bonus you can claim, but over any number of deposits. so glad i checked this place out when i did.

zOMG and my birthday falls on a SUNDAY, when bonus playthroughs are HALVED! (unless you play on bj, n/a to free chips, some other restrictions apply as well)

man i really sound like a shill, specially the caps! i should write or do cs for casinos, since i get accused of working for them anyway, just because in select cases i side with a casino in a dispute. cm, need anyone to do some figurative legwork? i need experience in the gaming industry if i want to make a career of it. or better yet, where can i buy a software and start my own casino? i want something with a suckback switch, a slowpay switch, a timeout glitch that steals players' wagers, games that make up rules as they go along...anyone help a brotha out? :p

(everything about vip lounge was true though, no word on cashout accuracy/speed, time will tell. many big luck wish for super happy fun game time in all casino you like)
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Ok here's a bet: based on roughly similar deposits at the following, which of these do you think would give the best, and worst (or no) birthday bonus and will they be as good as happy's VIP Lounge? Place your bets:

  • 32Red
  • Blue Square
  • Club World
  • iNetBet
  • Intercasino

why, is it his casino? any rate, i figured i'd probably lose my money as it was a sticky, i was just itchin to play. if it is an OC creation, then i guess i'm glad i didn't make a win of over a grand, else i'd likely not see it. but i like what i saw at vip. flashy site, but sophisticated. the wagering amounts are quite low, a good rate of comps that you don't have to play through.

i talked to live chat a few times already and they made all their terms clear without acting shady or hem-hawing. if they go back on something wrt my comps or birthday bonus, then i'll avoid them. and i don't plan on depositing weekly or anything, but it looks nice enough to drop in some coin here and there.

forgive me if i've chosen an OC, but it appears above board to me. and besides, weren't we supposed to be easing up on OC since he's attempting to reform? :D the worst thing you can do is cross a recovering criminal the wrong way...

sim! not sure about your question. i would guess inet or cw since they're rtg's, but i've not seen it advertised and doubt i would receive anything from anywhere without explicitly asking for a birthday bonus, which seems kind of pathetic. we'll see; i guess i haven't even had a birthday since i started this adventure that is online gaming. and i hold accounts at many casinos, so we'll see what turns up :p

feel free to jump on and just biggup yourself if you got a birthday soon, i kinda just wanted to find out who else is a pisces or if anyone shares my birthday on here.

how you say, it's eh nice, you like? this is eh my wife eh, my name eh borat.
i never even heard of blue square, or is that just a description of simmo!'s head?

man i've been away a while. it's freaky when all of a sudden you see that thing winking at you

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