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Anyone win so often in a short amount of time they think there is something wrong?

Discussion in 'Slots Discussion' started by Adam Randall, Sep 30, 2017.

    Sep 30, 2017
  1. Adam Randall

    Adam Randall Full Member

    I am on this slot and have been on it pretty much all day now.

    Started with $70 with a play through of 35 times because of a intro bonus I got and that is on both the bonus and the $70

    Anyway I have hit the 15 free spins on this machine at least 40 times maybe more and often it will re activate so that the free spins will go for 45 free spins.
    The most I won in one of these sessions was $360

    I am now at about $1300 and have cancelled this evenings plans for the time being. Has anyone got to a point where they have said to themselves "I cannot be this lucky"? or is this something that does occur?

    I had an awful run of luck before this machine but quite frankly it is awesome.

    Looking for any areas I have not considered. However the max bet is $5 under the bonus and I am doing $2.50 bets so that is OK. But it just seems so be unloading on me at the moment.

    I will let you know what the slot machine was and the casino once I have withdrawn my cash after gettting to the 35 wagered of which I am 50% through.
  2. Sep 30, 2017
  3. Adam Randall

    Adam Randall Full Member

    And you can add another $400 to the total since I submitted that 10 mins ago.
  4. Sep 30, 2017
  5. Adam Randall

    Adam Randall Full Member

    And another $400 but this one was from all wilds
  6. Sep 30, 2017
  7. PatrickNess

    PatrickNess Full Member

    nope nope
    na na na
    Nothing wrong with it.

    Totally planned and expected reaction of the player.

    Outcomes of each spin may be random but certainly not independent.

    This scenario luck-on-first-deposit-bonus-play repeats itself way too often to be plausible.

    Yet, noone raises an eyebrow.

    This is just to reinforce players addiction. Why steal your unique initial deposit if they can get you addicted and receive 3/4 of your salary/pension/allowance each month... Betting on players addiction is the safest bets in life. Affiliates got it right.

    Sits down and listens to the itz-just-randomz boyz.
  8. Sep 30, 2017
  9. Adam Randall

    Adam Randall Full Member

    Well it works because I am now hooked:)
  10. Sep 30, 2017
  11. Pulver

    Pulver Senior Member PABaccred webmeister

    I have experienced both, many times.

    From the incredible cold streak, to insane hot streaks. If you gamble a lot, you will get to taste both parts of it.
  12. Sep 30, 2017
  13. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Yup, experienced both ends of the scale numerous times.

    I do start to think, WTF is this slot broken are my winnings at risk etc??

    But then followed by weeks of losing I'm quickly reassured lol :rolleyes:
  14. Sep 30, 2017
  15. interlog

    interlog Senior Member MM webmeister

    Not that it should and can happen of course (though it makes you think sometimes) but it feels once you made that deposit it is already predetermined whether it is going to be a winning or losing one.

    The number of times I deposited and every slot that I touched gave profit wins or just sucked the money away without any action so to speak. It happens quite frequently.
  16. Sep 30, 2017
  17. benmooe

    benmooe Experienced Member webby PABnononaccred MM webmeister

    Social Media Consultant
    I get like this a lot. If i win a huge amount i keep getting anxious about them voiding my winnings or closing my account. I guess it's a side effect of seeing how crappy some online casinos can be with their customers. 9 times out of 10 i get my winnings through promptly thanks to using vetted casinos on here. Plus if it helps pay for Bryan to have a nice couple of beers, what's the harm? :D
  18. Sep 30, 2017
  19. goatwack

    goatwack Lend me some sugar! I am your neighbour! CAG

    Yup, it's the 'New Casino Luck' that seems to come around so often. It's all so very transparent: Sign up, play games, go on insane runs....all the while thinking "wow, I've discovered something no one else has" :D

    Try playing those same games at more regular joints, and 99% of the time they'll play like dirt.

    No one can tell me slots don't play looser when signing up somewhere - they do. I even noticed at the time of it happening all them years ago :cool:

    An obvious retention tactic, that actually works. I say well done to anyone on such a great debut run, but beware that it is artificial :cool::thumbsup:
  20. Oct 1, 2017
  21. SlotsDick

    SlotsDick Newbie member webby

    All sorts
    I hit a 90p wildline on DOA first time ever playing it, 3rd bonus in. I'd signed up to a new casino and took a big deposit bonus. I didn't make wagering and have never taken a 1st deposit bonus since and I never will. Happy to take loyalty/VIP bonuses though.

    Also...I have casinos I can't cash out ever. Others I nearly always profit on. WTF is up with that??
  22. Oct 3, 2017
  23. Yellowsamuel

    Yellowsamuel Full Member

    Ireland Du North
    Do tell, I am on tender hooks.
  24. Oct 3, 2017
  25. Kelly Jo

    Kelly Jo Senior Member MM

    United States
    You must register/login in order to see the link.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 12, 2017
  26. Oct 3, 2017
  27. slotmaster

    slotmaster NOT Slotting it up!

    Being great and stressed
    What is this win word you speak of?
  28. Oct 4, 2017
  29. Adam Randall

    Adam Randall Full Member

    Slightly depressing but I made it through to cash out with ease and for a $70 initial deposit I ended up at the highest point at $1850 before packing it in.

    I went to cash it out and I needed a bunch of documents so played a little bit and a little bit more on different machines, came back to that one and made nearly all the money back and did that a few times.

    It paid out but it definitely went from + to - at some point and it stopped paying out those free spins which was the only thing that allowed it to pay a + because the reels on there own were not returning.

    It really was insane, I was getting 120 free spins at $2 per spin, one after the other.

    but I managed to lose the lot - ah well, it was an experience

    The came was called crazy starter and the 15 free spins were so effective because the centre reel remained a wild on all three lines, nearly guaranteeing a win every spin.
  30. Oct 7, 2017
  31. tataru

    tataru Experienced Member

    NOT playing slots
    so you were a slot virgin up to now? sound like it anyways.

    you lost it all winnings + your deposit?
    welcome to the world of online slots. :D
  32. Oct 7, 2017
  33. Adam Randall

    Adam Randall Full Member

    I did the same thing about 2 months ago twice so am not sure if you can call me a virgin or just a moron.

    Won $1200 @ on Jurrasic World from a 30c spin and I think it was Jurassic world about a week after that I won about $700

    I have never cashed out yet:(
  34. Oct 8, 2017
  35. tataru

    tataru Experienced Member

    NOT playing slots
    wow, in 3 yhears of slotting i never got 4000x.
    best was like somewhat above 1000x.

    you got lucky fingers. stick to it!:thumbsup:
  36. Oct 8, 2017
  37. Cyclops

    Cyclops Owner of Americasino.co

    Looking forward to it

    I can't wait till this happens to me hopefully it will be soon
    Good on you good luck
  38. Oct 8, 2017
  39. Flyer187

    Flyer187 Senior Member PABnoaccred

    England, UK
    Some days it all goes north, some days it all goes south :)

    Take the good with the bad, and when you're on the crest of a wave you've gotta ride it all the way.

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