Anyone want to give me the run down on becoming an affiliate?


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Oct 30, 2008
Anyone want to give me the run down on becoming an affiliate? I've built and maintained a few websites.

Maybe a link to an introduction or explanation?
Almost every business on the internet has some kind of referral reward program, not just casinos and poker sites.

If you want the LONG story, see
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The easiest way to start becoming an affiliate is to pick a few sites you know and trust and then open their web pages.

At the top or bottom of the home page should be a link to the 'affiliate' pages.

Generally you simply open an affiliate account using your current login details for that site, answer a few questions about what you will be doing and where, plus how you wish to be paid, and then they create a unique affiliate url for you (eg

These links will also be affixed inside the affiliate banners they make available for you. These are usually in an html format and all you do is copy and paste your unique codes and place them where you desire on YOUR web page.

Alternatively, there are
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such as Commission Junction that is a central hub for affiliates to explode their banner farm, giving you a central resource for all types of online businesses looking for affiliate, not just casinos, as well as a central source for commission payments.

What you need to do is figure out if you want this to just be a sideline source of income, or do you want to do this for a living.

If it is the former, then this should start you on the road to a nice small, steady income.

If the latter is what you wish, and you have the time to devote to this, then I suggest you send the link for this thread to Bryan or some of the many affiliate managers that are active here, and they could probably help you get started on something bigger.

Addendum: For all of you out there who have any kind of page at all online, whether it be a blog or their own website devoted to something else entirely, I strongly encourage you to do the something along these lines..
I have always had an UltimateBet, PokerSpace or BankrollMob banner or link on my pages.
Even my Facebook profile has one :p
The extra $50 that lands in my MoneyBookers (even they have an affiliate program) account every so often is always a nice bonus for basically doing nothing, and it only takes a moment to set up.
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Depends on what you're looking for?

I run a Casino Affiliate site - and my main goal is to find freebies and special bonuses for the readers (who are usually my friends and stuff)

I don't make a lot of money at it - and I work hard at it. Putting in at least 10 - 20 hours a week doing it.

I design the graphics, have created a persona and do a lot with it.

On my site the casinos I have chosen are good casinos (except one which is on WARNING here - but hopefully it WILL straighten it's act up and will prove to be a great casino again.) But usually the casinos on my site are well known casinos who maintain decent reputations.

I try like heck to make sure those who use my site to get bonuses get the better bonuses available - and I try to stay up to date with the information.

This doesn't mean I'm perfect at keeping it up - but I do the best that I can when I can.

I think as a casino affiliate - you need to work hard, play hard and look at the casinos with the eyes of someone who can look at both the player's point of view and the casino's point of view.

You have to trust your casino affiliate companies as well.

Which can be very difficult.

On my site - I do have a list of casino affiliates - LIKE A LOT OF US WEBMASTERS - if you use my links - you will give me some credit - to some degree (which - by all means feel free to use every link on my site - LMAO! :Angel:)

But then you have to get listed in Google - then you have to promote your site - and you have to keep maintaining it all through everything including social networks and more.

It's like having a child... LOL!

Keep smiling and some days it is rewarding.

I'm sure the more work you put into it - the more rewarding it is!

Thanks guys for the thank yous... I wish there was a "YOU'RE WELCOME" Button to acknowledge those who thank you.

If you have any questions at all about anything I can help you with - I am sorta free until Monday"ish" then I get back out on the road again to drive from WA to Maine... With some GG pitstops on the way... LOL! So - just PM me or comment my site - and I'll get back to you.
Looking at my stats I don't think I thank people enough. I guess I should show more gratitude.

Back on topic... The good thing is I'm in no huge hurry. I think I'll take my time and start working on some site ideas. Play around with things till I'm happy and at the same time do some more research on the affiliate programs.

All the sites I've built and maintained were for fun. Just hobby sites. The fact that I enjoy it will definitely help.

Thanks for the answers. Very helpful. :thumbsup:

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