Anyone using Windows XP??


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Mar 29, 2002
Just wondering if anyone is using Windows XP out there and if they are having any problems with any of the download casinos (Microgaming regular & Viper; Playtech; RTG; etc)? I'm not really interested in any problems with non-download casinos (Flash, java, etc) since they are less O/S dependent than the download type. Please let me know if you are using XP and if you either do or don't have any problems with download casinos. Thanks!
I use XP...and it works fantastic. (home edition) I,ve never had any problems with casino software.
Thanks! I know you use Viper, any others you've tried on it?
I,ve had Microgaming, Playtech, Odds On, RTG, Lasseters, Slotland, Intecasino,s software (whatever it,s called) I never had a problem with software from casinos. I must say though.. my computer is quite a powerhouse, and I keep it up to date and do disk maintenance regularily. I also go to the Microsoft website and update windows whenever an update is available. Also...make sure that your Direct X and video drivers are up to date.
Thanks, sounds like your scenario is pretty much the same as what I am planning to do. I got a new laptop that came with XP, but I prefer 2000. Some drivers for it aren't available in 2000, so I may have to use XP on it, though I'm testing it with 2000 right now.

I did a brief test of it while it was still XP and tried running a Viper casino and playing Thunderstruck and it wouldn't run, so I wondered if it was an incompatibility. That would be bad since I've got a bunch of MG, Playtech, RTG & Cryptologic casinos that I want to transfer over from the old machine. Seems like you've tried all of them with no problems, so maybe I'll just reload it with XP and give them a try (once I remove all the vendor installed crap they insist on putting in!). Thanks for the advice!
JPM...I,m running a 2.8 Gig processor, 512 meg RD ram, A geforce4 128 meg video card, and my connection is high-speed cable. If you,re having problems running a game like,s more likely to be a ram or graphics card insufficiency problem...or your type of internet connection. Windows XP should not be the problem. Thunderstruck is a graphic intense game as far as casino games go...and it,ll require more resident memory (ram) than most of the games on the casino. I hope this helps you a bit.
Thanks tim, my system is almost identical except for the video card. It was actually closing the entire casino program right after thunderstruck started. No error messages or anything, just closed it down completely. It was rather odd. I didn't have anything else running at the time, so it wasn't a ram issue. I'm reloading it now anyway (I like a nice clean install) so we'll see how it works this time.
Just thought I'd let you know, I did the reload last nite and flushed the various useless apps they insist on pre-installing on new computers (AOL, ATT, etc). Set the networking, etc and downloaded the latest critical updates and then d/l'd a Viper casino again. Tried Thunderstruck this time and it worked great! In fact, it responds MUCH faster than it did on my Win2k computer (that one is 1.7Ghz as opposed to the new one at 2.8Ghz). Looks like this will be a good fit after all. Thanks for the info tim5nv!

Now comes the real fun, transferring all this crap over to the new machine. Good thing the weekend is coming.
I've had, and have, nightmares with XP. I cannot download ANY of the Microgaming game packages that do NOT come with the initial download. Thank God blackjack almost ALWAYS comes with it or I'd be up gum tree. I really hate having to rely on the flash casinos. All the games for download are greyed out.
This is a fairly easy one to fix. You've got a firewall of some sort that is blocking communications between MG and your software. Its either the built-in firewall that comes with XP, or a 3rd party firewall such as Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc.

Try disabling your firewall, then running the casino again and see if you can't upgrade the games then. If you don't know how to disable it, let me know and I'll help you with it.
Been there, done that, unfortunately. I've turned off both the Norton and the XP one - all to no avail.

My computer bloke told me that XP basically doesn't "like" this kind of software. I'd believe him if it weren't that most other people are using XP successfully.

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