Anyone use PayPal debit?


Jul 12, 2004
Boston, MA
I recently checked their TOS and it says no gambling, not sure if that counts the software/banking companies that casinos use. Anyone use this without hassle?
paypal is very against online gambling. paypal Debit card will not work ANYWHERE for online gambling. occasionally, you may find a processor that masks their purchase "code" that visa uses to identify what the buyer is buying. everytime you buy something, the merchants "aquiring bank" (banks that issue visa accounts to merchants such as processing companys for online casinos) sends a "code" (a code identifys what the customer is buying ie. what type of goods or services) to the "issuing bank" (bank that issues your card). visa will fine the merchant (or aquiring bank) if they mask it. paypal debit will block anything that is labeled with this gambling "code", and its my experience that its very rare a merchant will mask that code with something other than gambling, but I have encountered a few a couple years ago before visa clamped down.

this was all brought about by the NY attorney generals office (elliott spitzer) who brought suit against paypal for allowing NY citizens to transfer funds to gamble through paypal. a simple search will query a lot of info on this.
Gocha, I thought I remembered someone saying they used their PayPal debit card to play. Too bad I can't use all money I get from selling on eBay and put it straight to use ;) :rolleyes:

paypal debit card works for funding:

1. PrePaidAtm (Aztec Riches, Lucky Emperor, Zodiac, Casino 1x2, Cherry Casino, and maybe others)
2. ePassporte Virtual Visa (StarLuck, PlanetLuck)
3. Gaming Card/PaySpark Internet Account (just about every Microgaming Casino)

(i actually ONLY use my paypal debit card for funding my "casino habit". selling on ebay and then using those payments to play is ideal. i only lose what i consider to be my "extra money" anyway.)

hope this helps you!

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