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Jan 13, 2006
I have just requested a withdrawal from my click2pay account and provided all the information they need for a WIRE TRANSFER.

Has anyone made a withdrawal request recently? Has click2pay processed your withdrawal via WIRE TRANSFER? Did you have any problems with your Bank when it was received?

I am sure I am not the only person wondering if they are actually processing requests as they say they are.
hey footdr, i just wanted to follow up and see if you got your transfer and how that went, as I've been thinking of using them too.

i tried a cashout via check from one casino and that's taking a while too.. they told me they can't process the payout until the click2pay payments i've made go through my bank, which they say is 7 days or so. So much for speedy payouts.
I've done the wire transfer thing, it worked. Took a couple days after sending the request until funds were deducted from my c2p account, and another couple of days for the funds to reach my bank account in the US.

Note that they deducted a $2 fee. And in my case, $25 went missing from the deposit, and I can't get either c2p or my bank to fess up to charging me that fee.

The email address to request a wire withdrawal is Do not put an "s" at the end of withdrawal, even when you are replying to their emails.

Also, I needed to get full wire iinternational transfer information for my bank, in my case, it was:

Amount U.S. dollar amount
Pay (bank name, Citibank)
Bank address
SWIFT address
FBO (name of brokerage's account at Citibank)
Account # (brokerage's account number
Detail line 1 (my full name and brokerage account number)
EasyRhino, have you used the words "theft" or "stolen" in your request for the explaination of the missing $25? That usually gets a response.:)

To answer your question, yes I did just receive my wire transfer, as have others. But why haven't you been following existing thread on this subject in the America the Beautiful forum?

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