Anyone playing Ignition or Bovada?


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Nov 26, 2009
I havent played since shutdown of US poker stars and just started on ignition. Seems fine except the anonymous thing I do not like.
I played there a lot. Had been playing there for like 5 years. Closed my My account because they kept stealing money from me claiming I made chargebacks which wasn’t true. I kept giving them money to pay back the chargebacks until I contacted my bank and they told me there were zero chargebacks. Bovada gave me my money back on the first two occasions but then they tried it again a third time claiming I owed them 300 for a charge back on a CC that I didn’t even have anymore. They were 100% lying and just scamming me for free money.

I asked for the letter they received for the chargeback since they said they received a letter/notice. They couldn’t provide it because it didn’t exist.

there poker room was good and I won a ton of money there but the scams were too much and I closed my account.

they also own

I wouldn’t play on these sites ever again. Also be careful of the collusion in one table tournaments

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