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Jul 11, 2004
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They seem to be a new deposit system into casinos. From what I understand you purchase calling credit (which is charged at ridiculous rates) and it can be used for casino credits too, which you can use to fund some casino's.

I gave them a call, and they sound really unproffesional. I asked them why they have such a system and was told "I have no idea, I am just here working for somebody".

What I think they are doing, is quite a clever tactful move. Firstly credit card company's can not treat it like a deposit, as you are actually purchasing something, for call credit, so they can't be penalized by the CC companies, and can't be considered as a "withdrawal" like many other company's, so they won't have to charge the extra 3%. And secondly, they can't be banned from the USA, as they are selling call cerdits!

I think its a very clever move, and some thought put into it, but I just don't seem to trust them. It could be the website looking so rubbish, and the slowness of it loading, and teh "helpful" response I got, but they don't seem to have any backing etc. So would be happy to hear from anyone!
"immediate deposit"

they were recommended to me by cameo casino. i registered, entered a 50 purchase and i got a declined message. when i checked with my credit card company they showed two pending transactions from this place. now i'm disputing the charges. i got an email from immed. dep. with a password, thank you ect. when i asked about the charges they suddenly had no idea what i was talking about. :mad: i would stay far far away from immediate deposit.

take care and good gaming

I believe this thread might become harmful to these guys...

They seem to be running a scam... Credit card companies will learn fast what they are doing and they will be shut down.

For me, the best option now days will be to make a transaction over seas by some companies who provide this servive... you know what I mean. Or using Neteller, Instadebit or Moneybookers. Solid companies that provide a good service. Actually Moneybookers Cs Department is awful, but they are honest.

Other wallet services might work... make sure to study your funding methods...

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