Anyone Heard Of Goldbetting Casino?


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Mar 7, 2003
Bite, ME
I received an advertisement for, an online casino. Never heard of them. Anyone know about this casino?
Be careful. This is software and the owners are Netshare Inc out of Nevis and St Kitts.

Sisters are Lady Dream and Lucky Dog Sports.

If you do archive checks here and at WOL you will find chapter and verse.
Ok, thank you jetset.

Have you had dealings with casino's running this software?
The old OPA received 3 complaints from this group over a couple of days early November.
It was a total of 25,000. One of them got partly paid.

Lying sacks of shit.
They are obviously using slot graphics from IGT which i am sure is illegal. (note the double diamond, red/white/blue, etc).
Anyone who would do that i dont trust.
jyde, paul02085, thank you both greatly. I appreciate the information.

I heard about an online casino using that software illegally, and those are the slots I play at land casinos.

Is there an online casino running that software legally anyone knows of?
you're not missing anything by avoiding goldbetting, even though they illegally use the IGT graphics the games don't play like the IGT games.

Because the machines you like on land are made by a Nevada based company, they can't offer them on the Internet to American players. The Nevada Gaming Commission would revoke their license.

that information helps a lot, I'll know not to try any online casino with that software, or at least those graphics then. They cheat/steal that way, they'll cheat the players also.

Thank You

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