Anyone have a contact at Jupiter Club casino?


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Mar 29, 2002
Does anyone have a manager type contact at Jupiter Club casino? I'm having some difficulties with them regarding a promotion.
Give me until tomorrow, and I will be able to help you out.

That is, if you'd like me to assist.
lol, so I'm wiser now too! I thought it was just prestige.

BTW, were those your skivies that caused the crash the other day? Seems to me that was about the time you were returning from vacation...

I may have worked out the issue already, if not I'll let you know. Thanks!
From CNN:
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I suspect that was Bryan on his way back from vacation! He didn't want to be doing laundry when he got home I think.
There was no mention of skid marks in the accident report. :rofl:
BTW, got your private message Bryan, thanks. I was able to work it out with them to my satisfaction.

Basically what happened was they offered me a VIP bonuse over the phone last weekend. I asked what the w/r are and which games are banned. I was told 15x bonus + 1x deposit (reasonable) and the typical craps, roulette, baccarat ban. No problem, I'll take it.

So I played it, got a little lucky with a 5ok on joker's wild power poker and finished up with a decent profit and wagered at least another 2x the bonus before I cashed out. Then got a note that I didn't meet the w/r so couldn't cashout yet.

They said I could only meet w/r on slots, keno, caribbean stud, and poker pursuit and I played only vp. I countered that I asked about which games I couldn't play and wasn't told vp didn't count.

So they thought it over and decided that since I wasn't told the full story, they would give me a choice. I could have the whole thing put back into my casino account so I can meet the w/r on the allowed games, or they'd just remove the bonus amount and send me the rest of my winnings. I opted for the latter. It seemed like a reasonable compromise to me.
Im having the exact same problem with Jupiter Club. On 7/20/03, I received a phone message on my recorder from Jupiter Club Casino offering a 100% matching bonus for a deposit up to $100. That day, I also received the offer in an email message. I emailed back to them asking about the terms and conditions of the bonus and this is what they replied.

From: JC Support []
Subject: RE: Play at THE CLUB and get EXTRA credits!

Thank you for your mail.

Please note that as soon as you have made a
deposit of $100 or more, please send us a mail or
call us on the toll free number, and your account
will be credited immediately!

Normal bonus wagering requirements applies i.e.
you may play in all games except, Craps, Roulette and

Kind regards

Jupiter Club

I sent a second email asking for the specific wagering requirements and was told that I needed to wager 15 times my bonus. Well, I went ahead and deposited and received the matching bonus. Then, I wagered beyond the 15xbonus amount playing blackjack since it was not one of the listed ineligible games. Later, I made a cashin request. A few days later, I received a note from Jupiter Club stating that I failed to meet the wagering requirements and my cashin would be returned to my account for further wagering. I sent them an email message asking what requirement(s) I failed to reach and this was their reply.

From: JC Support []
Subject: RE: Your Recent cashin at Jupiter Club

Thank you for contacting our casino.

Please note that the bonus wagering requirements below
are correct.

To cash-in however, you are not allowed to play in the excluded
games i.e. Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, all forms of Blackjack, all
forms of Videopoker and Sicbo.

To view these Terms and Conditions, please go to "Promotions" on
the website and click on "Terms and Conditions"

Kind regards


And this is from the exact same person who sent the earlier message with the different requirements! I emailed Jupiter Club several more times asking them to consider the information that their support staff provided me and sending them the email I received as proof, but they wont budge from their position that I still have to wager a full 15xbonus playing the new restricted set of games. I even asked to simply have my deposit returned and they denied that request. I finally asked to have the issue forwarded to a supervisor. I have not heard back from any supervisor.

Given that another player has complained about this exact problem, it seems that their promotion/support staff was giving out terms and conditions to players when they were handing out the promotion, but the casino now wont honor those terms and conditions.
Well I'm happy to say that they followed through and sent my winnings to neteller as promised, minus the bonus as agreed. I'm satisfied with that outcome, since I wouldn't have played there that day without the incentive and thus wouldn't have hit the 5ok on jokers wild.

Gohokies, try asking if they'll do for you what they did for me. Just remove the bonus and let you w/d the rest because of the misunderstanding in terms.
I know i'm a little late on this but...Tony (a manager) at Jupiter Club is AWESOME!! He not only answers your emails QUICKLY but he is VERY personable & quick to put credits in your casino account for any fees encountered by the bank or neteller etc. So far he has been the nicest person I have dealt with, he really stood out! If they would only get the viper software I would never leave thier casino.

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