anyone got the 411 on solidpay?


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Mar 18, 2006
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I don't want to be the guinea pig on this one so I thought I'd ask.

It looks like they might have a good concept although their site definately fails my sniff test for now.

1. the site tour is down
2. they make you sign up before you can read their faq section :eek: :eek:
3. this paragraph:
"SolidPay has many accreditations and has received several awards and certificates for its continued excellence. At SolidPay our dedication is relentless and never-ending." (top-secret accreditation! :eek2: )​

I tried their live chat and that worked well. They said they are in Montreal (not Kahnawake) though no address on the site.

I looked them up as I was thinking about opening an account at a sportsbook that offers a bonus if you use them.
i googled the whois - and here is, what it says:

Contact Type Administrative
Organization Name: Inc
First Name: Steven
Last Name: Raposa
Address 1: 4260 Rue Sere
Address 2:
City: Montreal
StateProvince: Quebec
PostalCode: H4T 1A6
Country: CA
Phone: 1-(514)-814-4417
They are tiny compared to Neteller. Mostly now they do the back office payouts for the majority of the online sportsbooks (sending out payout checks and so forth). They are trying to break into the customer side of things, sending money from customer to sportsbook or casino.

I have used them before with no problems, but I still prefer Neteller for now. If Neteller pulls out of the US market maybe I will use SolidPay more.
They're an "INC" so thats a plus. But domain name aside, does that mean the company is registered in Canada or the USA? If so, they may have a shelf life.
Ive used then about 5 times

I like them because they take western union and let you set up a swift pay account which cost $6.00 to send up to $999.00 The issues I've found are that most casino DO NOT take Solid Pay. However lots of sportsbooks do. You also have to use an AID (provided by the sportsbook/casino) to send the money to the recipient. Sometimes the links dont work from the host site. There customer service is ok. My favorite money transfer company right now is InstaCash. They seem to be accepted most everywhere compared to Solid Pay. I'm just preparing for when Neteller stops acceptiing US.

I'm just preparing for when Neteller stops acceptiing US.


Isn't there a loophole that Neteller would fall into though? Doesn't the law only apply to banks/credit card companies?

Besides, when you're transferring money to Neteller, you're not transferring directly to a casino (Even though it's implied)..Neteller simply acts as the 'middle-man'.

I really doubt NT will stop taking customers from the US. If they do, they'll go under.
I really doubt NT will stop taking customers from the US. If they do, they'll go under.

yep....but it will be a moot point if the feds find a way to pressure banks to block Neteller.

And if us gamblers don't have a voice it will be a mute point.

And if you're a cow with a bad attitude the point will be moo tah.

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