Anyone getting paid by futurebet?


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Apr 2, 2003
This is one of the partners for 7seascasino that has been waiting 4 years for payment from Brian and Jeff Hurley. Out of the 250k they owe us we settled on $50k CASH, Out of the $50k CASH we have only gotten $21k (I think or even less in 1 FULL YEAR) So if anyone has news about futurebet paying. Let me know.

They are now 2 months late on payment. This was the email we got from Jeff dated Aug 10!!!

Brian's global email account is no longer active. I will forward the $4,000 payment to you within the next 10 days.

Jeff Hurley

Well look at todays date and you will see they are still the same losers as before. So for all the customers planning to get paid from this company. I doubt you will get %5 of it by the end of this year. Out of 1 year now, we have only been pay 4 times. That is a pretty good image they are showing the other customers, You only pay %25 of the time.

If there are any newcomers to the CASINO/Sportsbook world, this company is very bad in paying back there clients, sub-lincensee, etc. You can read our story at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Like I told the WEBMASTER for startcasino (since that is where FB advertises) Everytime they don't pay there monthly deadline, I post here. That means if you see me alot, that is how many times Futurebet doesn't pay up. This is not SPAM since IM INFORMING PEOPLE about the truth about this company. You have seen some people replying back saying that futurebet doesn't pay them. I havn't seen anyone saying they are good, except for their own workers.

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