Anyone get their Pinnace check yet?



I have to believe they are coming as Steve has seen the money orders. Anyone get theirs yet?
Remind those a-holes that they owe me $3,000, please - this issue ain't stopping until everyone is paid...

And BTW, thank you for what you did for me last week - though I would really like to meet you next time LOL...
Yes, I am getting reports that people are indeed finally getting the money they are owed.

Spear are you talking to me? IF so your more then welcome...

Someone said Steve is not around... ummmm wonder where I am.. ha ha ha

Hey Pinnace. I am not going to say thanks for doing something that was right. But I will say I am glad you did do the right thing.
Now who was it that said they would give all the money to the OPA from their pinnace settlement.

I will have to do some research into that.. ummmm

I hope that this is the final chapter for this pinnace thing. it took way to long but we won the long battle.
Yes, Steve, that's you I'm talking to :) You going to head out to Vegas this week by any chance?

Tell Mickey Mouse that Painass had still better not be planning to reenter the industry unless they pay up.
Steve, I have pledged any money received from Pinnace to the OPA. I have not received any money yet.
ha ha ha

Spear I say we kick some pinnace ass.........

want me to tell Mickey he should pay you?

I would be more then happy to take up your cause.

I must write him right away about Kengams cash.
I haven't received mine, and have given up. At least they paid some people. I guess they didn't have enough motivation to pay all of us. I did manage to squeeze a good bit from them before this fiasco.
I did not receive my pinnace check yet. I tried to contact OPA a few times. Nobody replied to my e-mails. I feel i'm not alone.
To all OPA admins: did you finish the issie already?

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