Anyone gamble with their partner?

Gamble with your partner?

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  • Virtually never

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  • What partner?

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neon claws

Jan 5, 2020
Watching a few YouTube videos of young couples gambling together and damn it would be nice for the missus to get in and enjoy it rather than viewing it as a more degenerate pastime than smoking meth.
Even though it's pretty much paid for the house we now live in.
I guess since the days of going to actual casinos are now seemingly in the past since we're now in a rural area and the world is a virus ridden hellscape for the foreseeable future and we have kids I can just forget about it ever happening- but anyone else able to have a fun night out with their SO on the slots?

Back when I was going to pubs it was almost entirely single people just sitting there showing no visible emotion, and very rarely a couple would come in, play for maybe five minutes and head back out.. so perhaps the reality wouldn't be as great as I imagine.
the ex and I would stay in on the odd weekend and play together - we passed the bar and club scene some years back
these days, mom and I will pool funds and play a night in together and split (if any) winnings

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