Anyone Gamble on the go?

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Jan 3, 2006
new york
Hey - I was wondering if anyone uses their phone or PDA device to gamble. I know there are a bunch of online casinos that offer their services on such devices, but I really don't know anyone who has tried it. It seems that it's becoming more and more popular for casinos to provide the appropriate software for their users though.

Personally, I feel most comfortable gambling sitting down in front of my computer, mostly b/c of the convenience and the ability to play in a relaxed environment. I think the biggest turnoff about handheld devices is the limited screen size, but I guess some people need to get their "fix" wherever they are.

Question 1: Does anyone here gamble via handheld devices?
Question 2: Do you think it will take off in a big way?
When the day comes that wireless internet is affordable and "perfected" , then I will think about using a notebook computer to play elsewhere..... but for now it's just on my desktop @ home.
It's possible to play poker / blackjack / slots on your cell phone. PM me if you're curious
tim5ny said:
Can I play Thunderstruck on my phone? :D
As far as I know, not yet....

Wild Jack Mobile Casino has 7 "mobile" Microgaming games available at the moment (3 slots, 1 blackjack, 1 roulette, 1 video poker, and 1 scratch-off game). Soon they will be adding a 4th slot game -- Tomb Raider. Woo hoo! :D

Other mobile casinos that I know of include Slotland (2 mobile games), Winward Casino Wireless (25 games), Golden Palace Mobile, and GigaSlot (I haven't investigated either of those very well yet, so I don't know how many games they have).
places to gamble

I'm happy with my desktop casinos. But there are endless possibilities with wireless LAN and PDAs.. Bathroom? Then the missus doesn't know what I'm up to. Garden shed - ditto. Like KK it does not appeal really apart from maybe on a plane to relieve the boredom. I remember reading Ryanair were considering in flight gambling - as if they don't fleece you enough already should you be stupid enough to get on a flight hungry or thirsty!
KasinoKing said:
No. And I never will. That's going one step too far - even for me.

Having poker on one's cell phone is actually +EV for winning poker players

I go and gamble at casinos, but not gamble on the go on my phone or laptop. I really don't need any more avenues for gambling than I already have.

I have noticed lately that there is a marquee note at iNetBet that they have gone wireless, but I don't know anything about it. I can see how it could be a neat thing if that's what you want to do.
Ok, theres actually a huge diff between playing on a wireless laptop and playing on a handheld device. I play wirelessly all the time, sitting outside on my laptop, but I've never gambled on my phone.
I was curious about wireless gaming, but couldn't get it to work on my mobile phone, even though the casino in question lists my phone as being supported.
I've seen the Spin3 (MG) and Phantom Fiber (iNetBet) mobile software in operation and i must say its moved on in the year since I last saw it. I can see a definate future for this, especially PC players who like certain games - after all, a lot of people spend time travelling and thats obviously where this is useful.

There will be more MG's using Spin3 during the course fo this year. The key will be how the banking is integrated and how easy it is to use. But SMS banking is on the cards texting a PIN number....presumably there is some level of security. You can already text a codeword to a number to automatically download and install the games which is very neat.

Check out the site


PS. Thunderstruck will happen in the not too distant future IMO :D
I had a go at the All Slots "Wild Jack" casino - and it was awful... I posted somewhere about it I think.

Essentially, you got about two spins in before it fell over and lost connectivity... Shame, as a couple of the games looked ok!

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