Anyone ever see this in 3 card poker?


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I was playing at Silver Dollar an English Harbour last few days, both a click through from here. I like 3 card poker. On both softwares I hit royal, nice 40-1 hit on pair plus with $10 bets.... BUT THEY BOTH PUSHED! Of course I still got pair plus, and to my surprise i got ante bonus for it even though they pushed the ante flat if that makes sense. I got the ante bonus even though the ante and raise pushed. I had never seen that before, then twice in a day. I never knew a push on a bonus hand would win the ante bonus too. What are odds of pushing royals in 3 card poker.... anyone?
Ante bonus is always paid if you make a hand. But pushing two royals is a little beyond belief... LOL... basically, makes little difference because it only cost you the win on the ante and the bet... like $20... when you would have made $400 on the pair plus bonus plus whatever the ante bonus was.

Congratulations :)

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