Anyone else having trouble with Microgaming software?


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Apr 12, 2005
Since May, I have not been able to download any updates to MG casinos. Sometimes I can get them installed, but if they don't come pre-loaded with games I'm out of luck. I've tried them from CD's with some success, but still, if the games aren't installed initially, I can't download them. I get that dreaded Updates Unavailable message or whatever it says on the preview screens of all the uninstalled games and the error message that it can't download them. I've grown to hate that message.

I've jacked with everything on my computer, no firewall, no virus software, etc. So, thanks for thinking of it, but I really don't think its fixable from here. I've had 3 or 4 casinos (different groups) have their techs try to help me, but nothing has worked. I even reformatted and started over.

The worst is Fortune Lounge. I can't even get them installed at all. I get a big ugly box that says it can't connect to the download server. I have money there I can't even play. All Jackpots I have 25 cents that I can't play because the only games I have installed are 4 play VP. That's fine, I'd just make a deposit and play 4 play VP, but the 25 cents is left from a bonus that probably excludes VP so I would never be able to make the wagering requirements on games I can't play, hence never be able to cash out.

I'm beginning to think its either my ISP (satellite modem) or Microgaming. I find it odd that that's the only casino software that doesn't install. RTG, Global Player, Playtech, and others have installed with no problems. It all seemed to start right when those Golden Goose things came out. I have only seen those games via winners screenshots.

Is anyone else having these problems? If there is any interest I could put screenshots of my error messages. Otherwise, I basically am just trying to find out if its just me or a bigger problem.

I have most of Fortune Lounge's casinos and all but Royal Vegas downloaded new games. I had the 'upgrades unavailable' this past weekend but went back the next day and it worked fine. Do you have spybot or other programs like that? I know some of Microgaming's files are detected as spyware so it may be stopping you from accessing files?? (just an uneducated guess)

Have you tried playing the flash version while you try to find the solution? They now have Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Spring Break, Secret Admirer and others in the Flash version... and one called Pub Fruity that's not in the download version (with a fun bonus round).

I think my problem must just be "me". The only fix is to install the games outside of the casino. I simply cannot download any games with the casino running. There's only so much jacking around with my computer that I'm willing to do. I already did a reformat, that's enough. Like I said, no other software gives me grief.

I've gotten that Updates Unavailable message for years, but usually if you just log back in they work. Not anymore.

The casino reps here are helping me. I'll probably just have to get their CD's and hope they have the casinos on there in full version or forget it.

Thanks for your suggestions, though, I do appreciate your response.

Been kind of crapshoot on signups for me, too.

I did get the Flash casino to install from FL. I guess I hadn't tried that again since the reformat. I still need the other ones installed since I have money there.

Okay, I won't bother you with it anymore, I'm sure they'll figure out some work around or the CD will work.

Thanks for the input.
You are not alone!

I have been having problems with MG software since they introduced the new Viper Core alongside some of the newer slots. I have heard the old "turn off your firewall......" before, but I don't have one. I have not gone as far as reformatting (yet!) but have been investigating various problems. Perhaps we should have a "MG errors screenshots" thread, we can compare and contrast our problems, and any of us who has found a solution can post it for others to try. I will probably start the thread myself, as I have a few possible solutions for some of the earlier errors, plus I have worked out a few helpful tweaks that could help in tournaments. On 29th, Bush Telegraph brought new problems, and Riverbelle no longer works, although BelleRock say that a problem has been noted and they are working on it.
As for that 25c left over, play 5 Reel Drive, but select only ONE line to play, this will be 25c. The 3 reel slots can also be used to rid you of this unwanted piece of shrapnel. Some casinos will ignore balances of less than $1 in determining whether you have "bust" on a bonus before meeting WR.

I don't have a game installed that takes a quarter. All I have are four versions of power poker or I would have cleared it. They sent me a new CD, so I'll just wait till I get it, because it should work if it has the games on it. I simply cannot download games through the casino.

I have a screenshot of the error I get when trying to install Fortune Lounge, but I never get that from any other group.
I have been having lots of problems since the last games came out.

I will open the existing software on my machine it will goto the loading screen. Then that screen will dissapear and nothing happens. Happened with all the casiinos I tried. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software again did not help same thing hapopened.

Only thing that worked and has worked only with two casinos is this. Try to load it and when it doesnt do not end process or reboot to try again.

Forget about it and start doing other stuff. With Roxy Palace about 30 minutes later it popped up and started. Platinum Play took about 1 hour.

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