Anyome watch the high rollers @ intercasino?


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Feb 7, 2004
Anyone watch the high rollers @ intercasino?

When I am bored and don't feel like playing I will login to Intercasino and watch the multi-player $2-2000 table and watch those crazy sob's place $500,1000 or even $2000 bets.
Some guy with the handle "maddawg made $10k in about 30 minutes. And when I saw him sit down he had only $1000. He actually left the table with the 10k. He was doing a progression.

I have seen plenty make a lot of money very quickly and I also watched some guy with that had 30K loose just about 20K within about 30 minutes.

I just don't have the stomach to place bet like that anymore. Because, of a few years ago. I had lost so much money I feel great leaving with over $50.

Does anyone here play high stakes at that table? Check it out, it's kinda entertaining.
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