Anybody use click2pay?


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Apr 11, 2006
Anybody use click2pay?Support does't answer emails,their star rating system very strange,i have a 500$ week limit now,but when i transfer 400$ from c2p account to c2p debit card, money come back to the account though the limit is not used yet and i did't use account within two weeks.
yes I am using C2P.
If I am writing mails they will be answered, but try to call them via phone.

I tried them while ago. Didn't like 'em mainly because their confusing webpage and lousy customer service.

I had similar problem like you, but it was related withdrawing to bank account. They have slow e-mail customer service, but I finally got answered after 1 week of waiting. Problem was solved right away btw. They had the usual which is "technical problems"...

I still prefer Neteller, but I have Click2Pay for backups :) It's always good to have choices.
OK till June 2005

They were OK for me but suddenly started charging my card (connected to Click2Pay) in Dollars when all my Click2Pay business was in UK Pounds. I never got a satisfactory response from CS (although E-mails were answered for the most part). When I asked to cancel the card I got the run-around. They asked for the answer to a security question but did not ask one. When I pointed this out they gave a list of 10 questions. As far as I was concerned this constituted "Phishing" for security questions that might be used elsewhere and did not think it prudent to give a full list when only one was required. I told them that the card would cancel itself when it expired and that I was "done with them".

They look as though they are based in Germany, but all is not as it seems, they are in Cyprus, and when I challenged them they admitted as much, but it was Nicosia, which is in the EU.
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TheBloke said:
AllIn - I just noticed your signature. Interesting product you're selling. Tell me, did you design your advert with info from this site?
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This book is well past it's time. All casinos know about these methods (some learning the hard way). Easy money maybe in 2000, but not now in 2006!
vinylweatherman said:
This book is well past it's time. All casinos know about these methods (some learning the hard way). Easy money maybe in 2000, but not now in 2006!

Urm, yeah, I was being sarcastic :) His advert is amusingly similar to the parody site which lampoons the 'get rich quick' adverts you see on the net. "Make $4542.12 a year from bonuses! Read what these customers had to say! Hurry, I can only sell this for $29.99 for a limited time, buy today to avoid disappointment!!!"
I use Click2Pay and have had no problems whatsoever with them lately, but I do play using a balance I keep in my C2P account.

Right now I am trying to activate my C2P debit card. I can punch in the card number but the "activate" button doesn't work. I may need to contact support.

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