Any thoughts about Barcrest?


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Nov 15, 2018

today I had a pretty good session and cashed out a bit. I let 50 € on my account to play for "fun" yeah and this fun lasted 15 minutes. After ~350 Spins at 0,20 € on a Barcrest Slot, I busted ... RTP was ~20 %. Ok this can happen but...

I always had so bad experience with Barcrest. There is no way to win anything! Over 15 000 Spins and 60 % RTP. Why I even have done this? I remember I bought 10x 20 € Big Bet = 0 € not one feature payed anything! I wanted to really try out if there is a chance to win anything, I bought the 50 € Big Bet feature 500 times, entered the bonus round twice and the result 12,5 % RTP. Do not worry, I did this with play money.

I imagine me buying this that many times with this horrific payment, I seriously would have killed my self. Is there any decent Barcrest game where we can actually see the RTP matching before ~ Spins? I never read much about this provider and I think now I know why. I am happy that it was "just" 50 € but I thought I will have 1 hour of playtime at least. Next time I will play 5 Line BOD for ages... After 40 Barcrest Fails even the dumb Aryol learned its lesson....

And I also do not forget about Wazdan and Realistic, Both providers who will be also on black list. 2700 Spins on Shuffle Bots without Free Spins, this can not be fair... (I got them after 2701 Spins for the first time, they paid 37x!!! At least the overall RTP was 81 % and not 20 %...).


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Jan 9, 2013
Imo of course, but always had the feeling they were just trying to lure in the people who got addicted to the original land based rainbow riches game when that was very popular in arcades etc (which is a pretty horrid game in itself imo, seemingly pretty hard to recover the bankroll after getting over 100x stake deep - without risking every win it does throw in by using pie gambles, since the base game rarely throws in monster hits),
Took a sheeeiiiit game, somehow made it even worse, threw a relatively poor rtp on it and then milked it for as long as they could.


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Jun 3, 2013
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The only online Barcrest slot I like is Barkin' Mad as it tends to give the free spins quite regular and I had some good hits on that.
Very decent slot.
For the rest they made and still make some nice slots for Dutch b&m casinos, loads of Barcrest slots to play there, they are decent enough to play.


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Dec 9, 2012
One of the best providers for years of land based AWP's - made a small fortune from their "glitches" - As for their online 'efforts', wouldn't touch them with someone else's deposit :eek:

God how readable was there land slots. Like you i made some good pays of them


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Aug 3, 2017
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Barcrest here in the United States is just terrible. Constantly losing and rare to hit bonuses, yet someone hit Golden Chief for 5000x recently.

I also find their games are just way too slow. I don't need to watch these small count ups each time!!


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May 22, 2012
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One of the best providers for years of land based AWP's - made a small fortune from their "glitches" - As for their online 'efforts', wouldn't touch them with someone else's deposit :eek:
Hence me labelling them 'Bastardcrests'....


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Dec 21, 2018
Yeah in terms of UK Fruit Machines Barcrest made some of the best machines around, machines where an element of skill and knowledge was often required to turn a profit, however i am suprised at generally how boring their online slots are.