Any Suggestion for me ??


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Feb 8, 2006
Hallo everyone ?Is there anybody who knows about a great place to advertise my poker site ? I was just searching some sites and so far
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looks good for there unique idea . Anybody been in this site before ? I'm just looking for some feedback becuase Iwill like to buy a card spot there . Thank's in advance
Is your site new? What is the aim of your site? Are you an affiliate or are you just providing information to your targetted Visitors?

Regardless, advertising in one or two places will not get you much exposure. You need to concentrate on SEO for your site, unless you can afford to spend a small fortune on quality pay per click.

For learning about Search Engine Optimisation this is a good a place to start at as any -

Also if you are an affiliate, you really need to sign up to CAP - - The members there are very knowledgeable and you can pick up great advice there.

If you are looking for backlinks to your site, send me a PM with the url of your site and I'll see if we can come up with a suitable backlink exchange as I have quite a few sites.

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