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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Interested in anyone having problems with very slow payouts from Royal Vegas and Platinum play.

This is the section for complaints about SPAM, so few are likely to see this here.

The obvious answer though, is that you are in America, and slow payment has become a common experience since UIGEA. Things are about to get a lot worse too, as players from a list of 14 "banned states" will have their accounts at ALL MG casinos locked, and funds returned to them (hopefully).

This is being followed with some amusement by the old hands here, as MGS have really shown they have little understanding of how the internet works, and are going to end up with a load of complaints from players who were not supposed to have their accounts locked, as well as players who WERE supposed to be locked out being able to continue to play.

US players can expect waits as long as 30 to 40 days for some payments, and may experience bounced checks too! Blame that t**t at the top (at least until next year), who signed that "safe ports act" that started this fiasco rolling, while at the same time taking his eyes off how the banks were behaving, now that's GAMBLING, and not even with their OWN money:what:

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