Any screenshot of Progressive Jackpot ?!?


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May 9, 2005
European Union
Hi everybody,
I have seen a few screenshots around of various winnings.
But so far I haven't seen any winning screenshot of progressive jackpot.
I am certain many-many readers would enjoy to see some online.
If you have any, please post it here.
ANY progressive game, small or huge is welcomed!
I think the problem is that most regular slot players here (of which I regard myself as one) don't play the progressives all that much... You don't tend to get as much action as the other slots, and the bank balance tends to nosedive at a frightening pace!!!

Just for you though, I'll spend today giving it a go - and see what I can come up with - wish me luck :D
This is my first post here but I happen to have won a small jackpot last week playing cash splash. I rarely play progressives but i'm glad i did that day.

Nice shot Jinxface !!

Congratulations :thumbsup:
Its a real pleasure that we see a live person (we could never know, could we?!) posting a winning shot!

Also, thanks for the info Slotster. I wish you goodluck!
I think u play at microgaming casinos...if so, right now the Lotsaloot and Wowpot have the statistical advantage.

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