Any safe casinos with no WR bonuses?


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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
I have noticed in some recent posts comments about casinos which have bonuses with no WR prior to cashout. Does anyone know of a link or place which lists these casinos? Are these casinos generally legit, or is this a way for bad casinos to lure in bonus hunters just hoping to keep enough intial deposits to make a profit and then close and open under another name?

Just wondering. I have gone to rarely taking bonuses, but this type of bonus would intrigue me to try a new place.
Hmm i just wrote this up on Nostalgia funnily enough. Its kinda what you're after i think LRD. Maybe.....:) I'd double check the T&C's though. They're grouped with Phoenician i think which seems to have a good rep around here.

Old / Expired Link.

(Out of courtesy I ought to point out that my reviews link via an affiate link but if you want to go direct then its


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AFAIK only two casinos Nostalgia and Vegas Towers offers no-WR sticky (or phantom as it was called by someone) bonuses. Intertops offer free bet I think and we have CON and Casino-Club with 2b WR which is almost nothing.

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