Any Reference for KIWI Casino

Doctor Carlos

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May 10, 2005
Hi guys, sice 32 Red is restricting their Bonuses (Excluding the Best Slots) I was tempted to try the KIWI Casino. but havent seen much about them in the FORUM.

I wll appreciate any Reference: Good or Bad before depositing,

[/SIZE]Dr. Carlos :thumbsup:
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BJ is VERY streaky both good and bad, mostly bad that I've seen, especially after winning alot. Not sure about the others.

32 has an all-games bonus of 32% that's not restricted except for the WR's.
Hey Carlos - why don't you write bigger!!

I don't know anything much about Kiwi - except that their sign-up bonus is a phantom one, the WR is x16, and there are 35 Playtech casino's with more friendly terms! (IMO)

Personally, I would say the 32RED offer is MUCH better! :thumbsup:

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