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May 4, 2006
pittsburgh, pa
First let me start off by saying that it is risky to gamble online these days as compared to back around 2000-2001 when bonuses where great and easy terms and conditions and only a few casinos went bankrupt and there was help from the players association and other web portals and other places to turn for help.

Ok, now lets turn to 2006,
Bonuses are nowhere near as big as then and wagering requirements are very high and non cashable bonuses etc

Also, as seen in alot of threads here, a few players are owed over 100k and accused of using robots, another one has some kind of identification problem, english harbour's video poker messup/cheat, and like mentioned in previous posts, the casinos are no longer listening much or respecting websites that try to help like ours casinomeister, winneronline, etc.

also back in 2000-2001 u could go to the players association or and they would really help you get a dispute resolved, not today...

Remember also what if it was you that sent in ur id and was accused of being some other shady player or acccused of using some ip address that some fraudster used and u didnt get paid, these are just examples of their powers since they are offshore, not under US jurisdiction. This is why to really avoid these risks,it would be much wiser to wait until there were US licensed online casinos. (but we like to gamble so oh well, i guess risk it is for now)

So lets see whos really on the players side or at least what we can do to shut down rogue casinos or at least i want to let you know your rights when it comes to online casino deposits .

First of all, you have to remember the federal US government thinks it is illegal for online casinos to accept deposits and allow to play ANY player from the US. They are , as you all know, trying to pass this ban at the WTO but still already feel its illegal regardless.

Ok so here is what you really need to know

Casinos that are new or are so afraid that someone else might get your business allow you to play with credit card deposits or instant check deposits without ANY fax authorization first are completey at risk of chargebacks of both credit card deposits or check deposits.
With only an ip address and your personal information filled in, they can do nothing if you either close you bank account, reverse the ACH, or charge back the credit card deposit. here's why... anyone's identity, social security number,checkbook, credit card number , ip address, etc can be stolen and entered online at a casino. therefore, a US bank HAS to charge back these deposits when there is no fax upfront. if you notice richer casinos like intercasino make you fax first a voided check before you deposit that way .

for example, go to and sign up
im not saying they are a bad casino but if they were , look at their instant check deposit method. they ask for barely any personal information and you could enter just about any bank account number and routing number and get approved for up to $500 instantly.

One more thing, when a casino or firepay etc say they will take you to a collection agency, they might or probably will but thats a joke cause when you ask the collection agency for proof of the debt which they have to supply under US law, all they have is electronic debt which you justfill out an affidavit of forgery and say it wasnt yours.

Im just letting you all know this when a casino screws with you or doesnt pay you , like some of our good members here that are owed large amounts over 100k, you could hurt their pocketbook just like they are hurting yours. (they at least pay fees when there are reversals)

But this in a nutshell is also a major problem. A casino reads your post and says" people are advocatting charge backs, so we should wait to pay the people". I think that bonuses have shrunk, because casinos are using more accurate RNG. They realized that it was impossible for a player to lose using the high bonus and a fair game. So when the bonuses are small the game is more likely fair.
You are correct that we do need regulation, but only a small percent of the players really care for it. That is the sad part.
Oh, there is going to be some regulation. The US is going to regulate its citizens right out of the whole mess (For our own good!). They are not going to do this to remove disputes between players and casinos, they are doing it because they cannot tax it. I actually find it a tad ironic that the same goverment which enacted NAFTA would be concerned about money not staying in the county, but that is certainly for another thread.

The goverment doesnt care if you win or lose, they care that you pay them for the opportunity to win or lose. Listen to me ramble, you wouldn't think I am still in the military eh?

Go Navy! Beat Army!
phynqster said:
I think that bonuses have shrunk, because casinos are using more accurate RNG. They realized that it was impossible for a player to lose using the high bonus and a fair game. So when the bonuses are small the game is more likely fair.
:eek: :eek2: :eek: "more accurate RNG"? Either it's an RNG or it's not. You mean fewer casinos are cheating? If so, which casinos used a "less accurate" RNG in the past?

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