any one doing quibids auction


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There's enough negative reviews about that site to make me stay away.

But all of those sites, imo, are a bunch of crap. If something is too good to be true, it usually is. I'll stick to ebay and the likes.

This sums it up pretty much:

NEGATIVE: (Reading this please consider the positive outlined above)
SCAM SCAM SCAM (mathematical screw-you to the buyers). AVOID!
It costs $.60 to place a bid, so you think you are getting something cheap but end up spending $30-$40 on just bids and still end up being outbid. You can only bid in small increments (1 to 5 cents). The site is a scam for the bidders and a cash cow for the operators. For example Amazon Kindle recently sold for $112.10 (retail$259) - sounds good for the winner, but to reach $112.10 in 5 cent increments it would take 2242 bids!! So since each bid costs 60 cents, the bidders wasted $1345.20 for a $259 item!!

Another example - They sometimes auction off bids, yes those same bids you have to buy and spend to try to win this auction. An auction for 50 bids (a $30 value) recently sold for $14.10, at 2 cent increments people WASTED 705 bids for one person to win 50. 705 bids at 60 cents each = $423 for $30 worth of bids

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