Any luck at Bet365?


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I have been unhappy with play at this casino for some time now, but like a sap i keep depositing thinking my luck will change and it never does.
In fact it usually plays out the same on every deposit...
Deposit at least the min $50 (never take bonus as most are usually 20% with crap wagering requirements) and then low roll under $0.50 on slots and if i am VERY lucky i hit one feature with a poor payout.
Deposit is gone in a flash with no play time at all if you don't count the time it
takes for spinning on some of the newer slots.
I have only ever made one withdrawal and ironically it was the only time i was able to double my deposit.
I finally had enough and went to live chat to ask what the percentage payout was for the life of my account (not sure when i joined but it was well over a year ago).
They told me that my payout percentage was 82.8 for the life of the account.:eek2:
I then asked what the advertised rate was and was told 96.54 for the march period.
IMO this is very poor and i even played more than usual in march and funnily enough, that was when i doubled my deposit...but i wouldn't call that a huge win especially seeing it was only $50 and after withdrawing i left $50 to play with and that too went down the drain a few minutes later.

I asked live help if they could give me a freebie for having such bad play all the time and was told no bonus can be offered for previous deposits:what:.

So does anyone have luck playing the slots at this casino.
If so, are you a low roller like me (between $0.25-$0.75 a spin) or do you bet higher?
My personal opinion is this is not a casino for low rollers.... especially since the min deposit is $50 (using Neteller, unsure of other methods).
I only joined and continued to play as they have very fast payouts to Neteller, not that i saw much action there.:rolleyes:

Is there any other reputable casinos that offer those games and has fast payouts that i can try out that take Aussies?

I used to play at mansion which played a little better but i refuse to play there any more after they changed withdrawals from under 24hrs to a 4 day pending period.

I was going to contact one of the reps on here before posting but looks like they don't log in all that much...last log on was 28th march and the other on 17th march.



same here. I'm playing Gladiator and Great Blue. Since 2 months the slots are sooo tight and I lost each deposit just in a few minutes. When I'm lucky enough to get a feature after 100's of spins, I get some of the lowest payout possible.

At Gladiator, thats very odd, I did not managed to climb higher as the first 2 levels on the Bonus. No Scatter-Feature possible.

it feels, as they have changed something. And I thought, its not possible.


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I have had the same thing playing gladiator...hundreds of spins and then you finally get it and almost every time i get 11 free spins at 2x and nothing lines up on them.
I have only once got to the third level and this is out of thousands of spins since the game came out.

Great blue is even worse.. I have only ever triggered the free games once, the first week it came out and since then i have done thousands of spins and still cant hit it and cant even hit a decent payline either...i think the highest amount i have won on a spin on that one was $3.50 betting $0.50.

I have been having the same experience with all of their other slots too but those two are the worst and maybe they are high variance but still, you should be seeing a little of your money back every now and then.
I just cant get any play time and i spread out and play the other slots, 8 liners up to the 50 lines. No matter which ones it just doesn't get much better. They all cant be high variance can they?:confused:


I asked the support for my stats. Its something below 50% return over 2 months. its to calculate via the Comps. When they got back to me, I will let you know my results.

Your Great Blue experience, same here. Only in the first week the slot paid, then it changed radically.


Dormant account

I can't confirm that. I deposited there only a few times(6/7), with deposits of 25 by Paysafecard. I was able to make 3 withdrawals totally over 600 (not bad on 25 deposits). :D
And I'm definitly a low roller, playing the 5-and 9-line slots with .05/.10 per line. If I win something big, I go to the 20-liners "LottoMadness" or " A Night Out" and play there with 1/bet. It's awesome when you get the freespins with 7x or 10x multiplier. :cool:

I have to say, I love this casino. It's my favourite Playtech and their support is very quick and helpful. All my withdrawals were proceed in less than 24hours (including verification).