Any good poker site promotions?


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Apr 17, 2008
I know of one that gives 10 euros for new players amd all you got to do is enter a promo code. Anyone else know of others?
I take it you never had any luck selling your website then Poland Player?

If you have decided to keep it and run it youirself you might want to let Bryan/Max know you are the official rep for the site, and then brush up on the posting rules for reps :)

Weisenheimer (cool username) .. welcome to CM. IMO this site is more about finding the places with the best service and quality, as a lot of the freebie sites tend to contain a % of rogue casinos. I'm sure others will step up with some tips though.

Maybe someone know about good game developer? We need man who create interesting games for online casino -slot games with double bonus extra cash, double spin etc. Contact us.

I would like to sell a company registered on Malta, it has a LGA license for online casinos 1/4 class. License was given in the 27/07/2011, the company has it own website with online casino : Casino Lunch. It has 4000 registered players, and there is a possibility of improvement by adding a sports betting and a lottery that are ready for integration. The company has a big Tax shield becouse of the high ammount invested.

I know only one poker site Casino Lunch. They have night promo, weekend promo and others. You should try there.


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