Any former Pyramidcasino players out there?


Dormant account
Oct 5, 2007
Tempe, AZ
Pyramidcasino accounts were supposedly transferred over to, but Betonusa says they never received any Pyramid accounts. My Pyramidcasino ID worked at, and they were able to give me my high four figure balance, but they said the funds were released to Betonusa. A couple of weeks ago I engaged in a 3 way conversation with a manager named Mr. Montgomery at Betonusa and a Manager named Jim at Sportsbetting and both pointed fingers at the other. I had my balance transferred to Betonusa without much of a problem. I know brings up, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have my money.

I have received several generic emails from both sportsbooks pointing their fingers at the other party. I have been unable to receive an email stating my balance from Sportsbetting even though they quoted it over the phone numerous times. A "supervisor" was able to reactivate my ID a couple of days ago and promised to try to get my funds deposited in there but no luck.

I need to at least figure out which tree I need to be barking under. There has to be a former Pyramid player out there.

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