Any experience with Grand Online, Tropez?


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Oct 15, 2004
Hi all, these offer nice bonuses but any idea if they pay winnings?
Casino Tropez
Grand Online
Tropez is very good. Pay winnings on time,although the usual 4-day pending period as with most playtech casinos. Great customer service too. Occasionally,they give you credits for surveys and feedback.
I have NEVER not been paid out by any casino - no matter how 'dodgy'.
But I have had to wait up to 5 weeks so you have to be prepared to be patient.
I 'blacklisted' Grand Online years ago due to what I felt were deliberately confusing T&C's about a bonus which I would call entrapment. :(
They may well have 'cleaned up their act' now.
Never tried Tropez.
Tropez and Grand virtual

Tropez is a reliable Playtech casino. Played a lot there and never had any problems. The have some nice offers and pay within 4 days.
Grand Online takes some more days for the first payout (about 8) since they need proof of identity. The bonus there is really good and it is part of the golden palace group. Well known group.

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