Any Decent Screen Shots Kathmandu?


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Feb 3, 2006
Hi been playing quite a bit of kathmandu not a whole lot of luck on my side anyone had any decent hits on this slot yet?

I tried this one today at 32red.. i usually dont bet this small (3.6$) a spin. Anyways i first got the 5 palaces or what are they , anyway the highest paying of the "normal" icons. I was about to stop playing, and go to videopoker which i play 4 lines (20$) bets. But i didnt. Hit 3 scatters for 15 free spins, and during the spins hit them 4!!! times again. So total of 75 free spins!!!

Anyway, i did not have much luck during the free spins and the net win from the 75 spins from 2-5x multiplier was about a 1000$. No screenshots though.
Still a decent win ;)...

I didn't take a screenie, but on my first session at this new game I was betting $1.25 or something close to that and got 5-elephants X5 on the bonus round for $300.00+ . I was a bit disappointed that the 5-scatters that I got only paid 100X total bet, but there's a screenshot of that in the Winner's thread.

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