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Dec 30, 2002
"One day, I decided to buy $800 chips (and get $20 bonus)..."

~~~~ murphy's law ~~~~

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted four times to buy credits with my master card, but failed. My credit card was declined.

Two weeks passed, I got my credit card statment, I found that I had been "overcharged" $1300. I then emailed to 2 online casinos which I had recently played at...... One of them "immediately" credited back the "$1300" to my casino account.

It took 18 days for my account to be "updated", and I was "double charged" ($800 + $500)...due to those previous "declined" transactions.

What would you do if you were me?

p.s. English is not my first language...(Of Course, I'm not mrlucky.)
ZODIAC "charged" me $1300!

I was extremely angry. They didn't give me any explanations why my credit card was debited but my account not credited. I clamed down a bit after a few days. I played fruit fiesta slot for a while (188 x 0.75), then cashed out the remaining credits - $1306. (I won $6.)

The next day, they sent me a "confirmation" email: "Your cashin request tzcr0336xxxx"......... but in fact, they locked all my CasinoRewards accounts! (Lucky Emperor, Strike It Lucky, Zodiac, Golden Tiger) I had no problem with any of these casinos before. Perhaps I didn't meet the "minimum wager requirement".

Do I responsible for the billing errors that made by someone else? If so, how much times the "$1300" should I wager before I cash out?

I emailed Zodiac and asked about my money, they just ignored me...
(no room to negotiate)...It's likely that they will keep the "deposit". I don't know how to deal with this problem. Seems impossible to solve.

If anyone has had a similar experience, please let me know.


Please help me if you can.
Its probably proccyber who has locked your accounts for 'identification confirmation'. Try calling them, the numbers are listed on their web page at Outdated URL (Invalid)
You should have cashed out to begin with, not played slots.

Despite the fact that you are not responsible for an error, by actually playing after the fact you are basically accepting the fact that the deposit was valid.
Hi spearmaster,

Thx for ur opinion. I partially agree with your point. I shouldn't have played the slot.

Suppose I request a "payout" first.


To: xxxxx
Date: 12 Dec 2002 23:40:12 +0000
Subject: RE: RE: tzcr0336xxxx(zodiac)

Hi xxxxx,
I have located your purchases on our logs, and your casino account has
been updated with the credits.
Kind Regards,
Accounts Department


You are required to wager "THE CREDITS PLACED IN YOUR ACCOUNT" as well as any deposit required to earn that bonus a total of three times prior to any cash-ins. This does not mean that you can't win with your credits, only that you must wager at least this amount before cashing in your winnings. The equation you must follow is (Amount purchased + bonus) x 3 = amount to be wagered before cashing in. Any promotion that doesnt require a deposit must be wagered five times before it can be cashed in.

I can predict what will happen next: I'll "lose" the "1300" faster than lightening!

First of all, did you receive a bonus - if so, how much?

Secondly, you could have written to them telling them you changed your mind because of the delay, and to remove the bonus and refund the credits.
So you deposited $1300, received no bonuses?

In which case you are fully entitled to your withdrawal... Bryan, you want to handle this, or do you want me to lend a hand?
Hey Ted,

If you could check into this, that would be great. As you know, my plate is full right now and especially after tomorrow when the shit hits the fan :eek: , I'll be damn busy.

They put the money (mistaken charges) back to my casino account to avoid chargeback(s). I tried to understand their position, but did they understand mine? They kicked me out, without saying a word. I'm god damn stupid. Casinos must treasure me.
I was already wondering which shit would be hitting the fan. This was not what I expected. Too bad but the right thing to do
OK, I'm completely confused here. What hit the fan anyway? I don't see anything 'bad', just a different look to the forum.
Ha ha jpm, good one.

Yes it's very sutle. The shit that hit the fan was resignation "en masse" of the committee members of the Online Players Association. It has been turned over to Mike Craig formerly of Casinogazette. This will affect many, but if you are not a member of the OPA, or an operator of an OPA approved casino, then it wouldn't concern you.

Committee member slated for unauthorised deals, non-disclosure.

It appears that views as to what the Online Players' Association should be all about have differed in committee recently, leading to an unprecedented walk-out by the volunteer committee and the Players Advisory Board.

In a mass resignation notice mailed to members as we went to press, the committee cited unauthorised payout percentage deals, non-disclosure of financial information, unilateral assumption of "ownership" and unelected presidential claims by committee member Mike Craig as reasons for their departure, together with an attempt by Craig to set up an unauthorised "UK Branch" of the OPA.

Committee members are reported to be unhappy with Craig for attempting to usurp the "non-commercial" vision they had for the OPA by entering into probably significant financial deals with the Playtech turnkey software group to verify payout percentage statistics for their casinos with the OPA logo . Members were not adequately briefed and there are consequently unanswered questions regarding the probity of the exercise in terms of professional auditing input and the amount of money that changed hands...and where it went. Despite repeated requests by the committee, Craig has declined to disclose this information, and Playtech officials have not been forthcoming either.

Friction apparently also existed over Craig's claims to "own" the OPA and his unauthorised portrayal of himself as the unelected president of the organisation. Committee members are adamant that the Association is the property of the members.

The final straw came this week when Craig unilaterally announced on his CasinoGazette site that he was the "CEO" of an unauthorised "UK Branch" of the OPA which would start operating in the new year.
Thank Goodness for the Casinomeister website. Bryan, jetset, spearmaster, mary and all the others who try so hard to keep us informed of what is really going on in the online casino world. Without you all...I would be in the blind everytime I try a new casino.

Bryan thank you for this site. You have done a wonderful job helping the players. I am sure it is overwhelming at times, yet you keep on keepin on. God Bless.
Thanks Spearmaster, Zodiac, and Casinomeister....I got my money back today - $1300 + $6 in my neteller account!!

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