Any Casinos with instant Neteller payouts?

Bet 365

They have an almost instant payout through Neteller (it takes an hour)

You go cash out from the casino and than you go to your Neteller account and hit transfer ... from and to merchants

The code for BET is Bet 365 fill in the amount and hit process.

You request will be through within an hour.
TheLuckiestone said:
Are there any casinos out there with instant Neteller payouts?
I think the answer to this is: No - not instant. (As far as I know)
It seems really unfair, doesn't it, that when you deposit to a casino your Neteller deposit goes through in a matter of seconds, but getting it back takes days, or even weeks!

I don't know a great deal about this subject, because it's something I personally don't worry about. I don't really care if it takes a week to withdraw, but any longer and I would be narked!

But I've heard William Hill is virtually instant, Crypto's only take a day or two, and most MG's are the same.
Ladbrokes Casino ( Microgaming ) has instant ( with the actual definition of the term ) payouts via Neteller.
not that i'd recommend you playing there, but casino extreme is instant, as long as you don't mind chatting with the cs
universexf6 said:
Starluck flushes your money like toilet water within seconds.

You can see the money in your neteller account after around 1 hour.

Only if the deposit has been in the account for more than 8 hours.
So don't think you can deposit win and take the money.

would be great to have a list of no hassle casinos with smooth cashout/cashin
so you dont have to worry or PAB. Totally portable money like a real casino, win, and leave. I know they hate it, but if i spike a good run at BJ, or 4 aces on VP I want OUT, because I have mucho problems leaving once i start losing again. Its just another tactic to keep you there, like hassling you over obscure newly invented T&Cs, or wanting you to fax this or that. Most casinos dont understand that most fo the time you want to gamble on impulse, and if they would cash you out as fast as you can buy in, you are more likely to use them in the future.
As for Starlucks's 8 hr rule, I can live with that because they have prompt support, and once you do request it shows up fast. No wonder they make more more from online gaming than anyone else. Its almost like old school casinos before corporate people wanted to make every single facet of the casino's actions show a profit at the expense of customer service. Now if Starluck just had real VP.
I have heard from other players on another forum that Sci-Fi does not require all the faxback forms and is hassle-free. One member of the forum won on a small n/d bonus and it was in her neteller account the next day and they didn't require her to send any faxback forms nor make a deposit before withdrawing the winnings.

I have no personal experience with this, however.
scifi and breakaway

Yeah scifi and breakaway are one of the good rtg casinos, however if you win more then 500$, they will make you wait for the withdrawal for about 72 hours. If under 500$, you should recieve it within 24hours.

kavaman said:
Yeah scifi and breakaway are one of the good rtg casinos, however if you win more then 500$, they will make you wait for the withdrawal for about 72 hours. If under 500$, you should recieve it within 24hours.


I agree that these are great casinos as far as customer service, and payouts are concerned. The only thing I don't like about them is that you are required to bet your entire deposit 1x before cashing out, even without a bonus. These are the only casinos I played at that had this rule, and that is why I neven went back.
Same day, but not "instant'

Sci-Fi casino will process your withdrawal request the same day as long as they receive it (through their software) by noon. I made a request yesterday afternoon and received Neteller deposit this morning. :p
Ive deposited at Casino Extreme 3 times in the past ohh week. Cashed out 3 times from there too. No hassle. I was shocked. As close as you can get to instant. Just request the withdraw like normal (cashier inside the casino) then goto Live support or call. Ask them to process it for you and about a's in Neteller. THIS IS ONLY FOR NETELLER I BELIEVE. IF YOU DEPOSIT VIA NETELLER. Not to sure about firepay or anything like that. No forms or anything. You can only make an instant withdraw once in 24 hours.

Im not to sure the rep of this place, but They have done me right all three times and I will continue to play here.

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