Any casinos support iphone yet?


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Sep 10, 2008
I haven't heard of any (other than simulation apps).

If there was though, it would only be a matter of time before my iphone is thrown at a wall.


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Dec 7, 2007
There is also a company in the UK producing casino games for the iphone called Probability plc

First game was developed last November, so I would have thought they have a lot more out now. I think they make the mobile games for Rank Group

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Probability plc, the AIM quoted mobile phone gambling specialist, today became
the first company to demonstrate a gambling service running on an Apple iPhone.

The Company has developed a fully working version of Blackjack, the first Casino
game to have been built and demonstrated playing for real money on an iPhone in
the UK. The iPhone Blackjack has all the features of the real game, including
insurance, split and double down options loved by gamblers. Bets take place on
Probability's secure gambling servers in Alderney using the iPhone's mobile or
WiFi connections.

Being an iPhone application, the game has all the benefits of the device's
unique, touch driven, interface. Tapping twice on the screen zooms the player
into seeing the cards close up, and the player can drag and scroll the whole
game experience with a fingertip. Interaction involves tapping virtual buttons
on the screen.

At present, Apple does not allow third party developers to install applications
on the iPhone. However, Probability's developers - working from technical
information provided by Apple itself - have been able to re-create a full
Blackjack experience in the iPhone's Safari web browser.

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