Any Casinos for Mac OS X?


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Aug 17, 2005
Hello from a newbie -- I'm glad to have found your great forum!!
I want to get started playing -- any other Mac users out there who can share experiences and recommend casinos? I'm a bit frustrated at not easily finding support for Macs. Thanks in advance. All feedback welcome!
Hi there,
I'm not on a Mac so haven't tested this personally but supposedly any Microgaming casino that has a flash version (most do, including many of those recommended on this site) will run on a Mac. I've heard others say that they'll run it under a Windows virtual machine (or whatever the technical term is) on their Macs. Have you tried to play the flash version?
I'm on a Mac, but more familiar with Poker Rooms. Pokerroom has a good mac client that runs using Java. Bugsys Club is the only download poker room available for Mac that I've heard of.
We regret that we do not provide a Mactintosh compatible version of our software, but you can run our software on your Mac using a PC emulation like Virual PC, which is available for Mac OS 9.2.2 and above.

Virtual PC:
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Virtual PC System Requirements:
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