Any Casino Record MAC( machine address)


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Feb 26, 2006
Just bot a used laptop from ebay , and noticed that many casinos state that they will record Machine Address( MAC ) , IP address etc for identity purpose.
ip detect is easily to be done, how about MAC detect.

Anybody has an idea which are they that will record Machiness unique address?

RTG? MG? WagerLogic or Playtech ?

Thanks in advance.
Im sure youll get more knowledgeable replies than me but I would reinstall the operating system if I had bought a 2nd hand machine. (Just in case the previous owner had used the casinos/poker sites that you will use.

As for the MAC address im not sure how important this im afraid. Anyone?
Every network adapter is assigned a unique MAC address. Thus, a reformat will not have any effect - only changing the adapter will do - and if that happens to be built-in, you're out of luck unless you disable that adapter and put a new one in, such as a PC card.

Of course, that notebook might not ever have been used to gamble at online casinos either - in which case the point is moot.
Both parts are true; but, if there are any casinos out there that record MAC addresses, then they'll associate the laptop with somebody else's account.

But as it was said, there's little chance that it was used to gamble online....but to be safe, simply email the casino(s) you play at and just ask!

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