Any Advice? Please


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Apr 22, 2005
Nevada (Las Vegas)
Hi everyone just a quick question or if any else has ever had any issue's like this one... I requested a withdrawal from an accredited casino via Fed-ex (Check). No problem processed on Friday due for delivery yesterday Monday the 5th.

It never showed up, Called Fed-ex and they said there was no movement since the day it was processed which was Friday and it was being held up by Canadian customs? I have never never had this problem with this group or any other's like this! It's a damn single envelope!

Always have received funds on the delivery date that is shown by delivery company by 10.30am. I was charged 50.00 processing fee, that is normal cost I know. Check again tonight with Fed-ex and its just showing pending still, Does anybody know what the hell is going on? Tried to find a rep sent PM with no response.

Thanks guy's, should i be worried?