Any activities that can somewhat replace gambling

Gaming, I will often play a bit of world of warcraft, just as addictive as gambling but way cheaper.
It does not provide the same kind of thrill as gambling, but I get a great deal of satisfaction and spend a lot of time on food. I skipped last weekend due to the VS battles, but today I am slow roasting tomatoes from my garden, and starting a ferment for Naga chilies, the hottest pepper I have grown to date. I was a somewhat honoured that a friend asked for some of my fermented grainy beer mustard as a gift for her mom's 80th birthday this week. Mustards are surprisingly simple to make, more so than jams and jellies.

I spent hours pitting cherries and making jam a few weeks ago, so worth all the effort.

I don't can however. I did a lot helping my mom in childhood, miserable hot business IMO. Freezer or stuff that is good in the fridge for a long time (high acid like the hot sauces and mustard, or high sugar like jams).

I love summer, but I welcome the cooler weather and a return to the stove.

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