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Feb 22, 2001
Latest release from Quixotic - clearly using the Nevada decisions on legalizing online gambling as an appropriate timeframe.

Quixotic Solutions Offers Fair On-Line Play
WASHINGTON, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Quixotic Solutions has the answer to ensuring fair play and game integrity for all forms of on-line gaming. As reported by MSNBC -- ``Nevada Lawmakers OK Net betting'' by Mike Brunker (
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), Nevada is the first US jurisdiction to open the door to legalized Internet gambling. Quixotic Solutions Inc. provides a key piece of that solution with its patented technology for ensuring fair play in all forms of on-line games.

Reviewing logs and statistical tests are not enough -- players, operators, and regulators need to know that each roll of the dice or deal of a card are fair by detecting cheating by any game participant. Quixotic Solutions has patented the solution to this problem for any game including dice, cards, role-playing games, strategy games, and all other types of games. Quixotic's patent allows the creation of a digital contract between players and game operators to guarantee fair play -- and provide the tool for consumer protection and recourse.

On-line gaming is an emerging industry that includes every combination of player payments and game payouts. Several leading research firms have estimated that the worldwide combined revenues for on-line gaming, interactive television, wireless gaming, and Internet gambling will total over $10 Billion (US) by 2005 with many millions of participants. ``Players need to be able to play with confidence,'' said Cheryl S. Campbell, President of Quixotic Solutions Inc. ``Quixotic's patents deliver that confidence over the Internet, cable, phone, wireless, or any other network.''

Consumer protection is the key to the success and growth of on-line gaming. The Quixotic Solutions Inc. is working to build partnerships with Government and Industry to ensure that players are protected.

The founders of Quixotic Solutions Inc., have been working on their technology and patents to ensure game honesty and integrity since 1997. They continue to pursue partners in Government and Industry worldwide to license their technology for consumer protection of on-line games. For further information, please visit Quixotic Solution's web site at
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SOURCE: Quixotic Solutions

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