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Nov 21, 2008
Los Angeles County
This person must have at least 4 computers to play 18 different aliases at the MG BJ free tourneys. Extreme unfair play allowed while shoving it down mg's throat. He probably works for mg and can't be stopped. I know there are others that would like to see this person locked out forever. But, when one has the power, what can you do? It's like a corrupt politician.

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Oct 14, 2004
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I doubt he works for MGS, he will be a "black hat" advantage player exploiting a bug in the MGS tournament software that has seemingly been around for a while. He would have discovered it early on, and then joined many MGS casinos with the intent of "forcing" a separate alias at each through knowing the bugs working.

There would have to be an advantage to utilising this bug, as in Blackjack you would have to play CONCURRENTLY with all your entered aliases.

Since the introduction of the "rebuy", the bug is much less useful in slots tournaments (except network "free" ones).

MGS are getting the money regardless of whether an individual has 18 aliases, or 18 players play with single aliases.

The bug is that you are presented with "xxxxxxx - is this you" when you click on a tournament at a new casino, just LIE, and tick "not me", and create a duplicate alias, and verify it. You probably have to use a DIFFERENT email address for each one to prevent MGS picking this up, but this is EASY given the number of free email providers, and the fact that many ISPs allow quite a few email addresses per account.

MGS made things even EASIER during the Grand Slam, by OFFICIALLY allowing "one alias PER CASINO" instead of the former "one per PLAYER".

I discovered the bug at Ladbrokes, when it REFUSED me permission to use my alias, and INSISTED I use another. ANYONE spotting this knows that a bug exists, and they can then think about how far they can take it.

18, and not being "busted" by MGS seems a little extreme. I would have thought it was driven by ADDRESS and "personal info", but maybe this is not the case. 18 email addresses is easy, 18 fake IDs (and getting paid) is less easy to pull off.