GGW Laurie

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meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy , honey glazed carrots and creamed peas and pineapple upside down cake and coffee after:)


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I'm coming to see you!!

Grilled chicken breasts and cauliflower, broccoli and carrots (sig. other on cholestral diet)


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What's for dinner, BingoT?
Nothing :lolup:
Got to drive up to Boston to be at the airport for 6 to pick up the Boss :rolleyes: ok the wife & Mother-in-law
But for the Wifes Birthday today I baked my #1 cake today!!
Better Than Sex Cake it's out of this World because I made it.
Big Dinner on Fri I have a pork roast in the frig Marinating for the past 4 days.

Coffee & Cake at 10pm tonight.
Come on over.


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I'm having my leftovers from lunch. There is a local dive here with excellent Spanish American food. It's not a cheap lunch at $7.75 but if you consider that there is plenty left for dinner....then it's a great deal and she is an awesome cook so it's well worth the bucks. :thumbsup:

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