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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I want to find out about various softwares that are unknown because I want to make sure that I will get fair gameplay. I posted earlier regarding Gambling Federation and thanks to many members advise I will not make a deposit there. My question now is regarding a company called World Games Inc. It is actually a MLM company whose product is an online casino for members to play and also make money off of the players in their downline when they play. They are going to be releasing a premium players membership soon which means that players who do not want to be part of the MLM can play the casino only. They say that all premium players will be given a Pay2 Visa credit/debit card which they say all winnings can be instantly deposited to and used as soon as they leave the casino. All currency is in Euro and so far from what I hear it sounds good. I think that you can only download the software right now if you are a member of the MLM aspect so if anyone here is familiar with World Games Inc. or has any info on the software used it would be greatly appreciated to hear you opinions.

Thank you.

I was searching around and found a page that had screen captures of some of the games. I will include them here so someone may be able to see by the graphics what software provider. I will also note that it is a no download casino and is accessible by logging on through your members page when someone becomes a member.


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