Another one bites the dust...888 Affiliates


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Jan 28, 2016
Not promoted these for ages but do have some players from years ago that provide a small income.

Dear colin,

We are writing to you as a valued member of 888's Uffiliate Scheme.

As you may be aware the regulatory landscape for affiliates is constantly changing and evolving, especially in the UK. In order to help ensure that we work with our affiliate partners in a compliant manner, we are seeking to exert greater control on the traffic which is generated from the UK.

As a result, from January 29th 2018, you must not target UK IP addresses and/or any persons located in the UK. Therefore, we shall no longer pay you any Commission with regard to Money Players in the UK which you generate under the account dvds2000. The aforementioned shall not apply with respect to non-UK Money Players or to Money Players which you have generated in the UK prior to such date, subject to the Uffiliate terms and conditions found at Old Link Removed (the "Terms").

We wish to take this opportunity to emphasize, that we have taken this decision to ensure that we continue to work in a regulatory compliant and responsible manner in the UK.

If you do wish to continue working with us in the UK please contact us, through this link: Old Link Removed

Unless otherwise stated in this email, all defined terms have the meaning given to them in the Terms.

Thanking you in advance for you cooperation,

The 888 Uffiliate Team