Another Nevada wireless gambling license


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Feb 22, 2001

On-premises gambling opened to US company

Sona Mobile is a name being heard increasingly in the online gambling industry; it was recently chosen to power the New York Racing Association's venture into Internet betting - the first of its kind to be licensed in NY state, and it has now been approved for on-premises wireless wagering in Nevada.

This week Chief Executive Officer Shawn Kreloff and Chief Financial Officer Stephen Fellows told reporters that the firm has received Nevada Gaming Commission approval, allowing it to actively market and sell products to Gaming Commission licensed venues in the state.

Sona Mobile's server based gaming solution allows players to participate in wired or wireless wagering in any designated public area of the licensed casino property. With a secure back-of-house system, Sona Mobile provides a detailed accounting of all player activity, giving casinos an unprecedented level of player tracking.

The platform, called the Sona Gaming System, consists of server and device software that runs on personal digital assistants (PDA), mobile phones, tablets and fixed device terminals. It is designed to work with application software for various casino games, as well as horseracing and sportsbook applications.

Sona Mobile must obtain separate regulatory approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission for each product introduced before effectively using the newly granted license.

"We look forward to submitting our products to the Nevada Gaming Commission and working with the various gaming venues throughout Nevada," said Kreloff. "This license really is the barrier to entry for doing business in the state. The Nevada Gaming Commission has strict guidelines and regulations and we are thrilled to count ourselves among the very few that have met these high regulatory standards."

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